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Tree of Life and Human Design Chart

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In a Human Design reading we will be working from your bodygraph or chart. This is a schematic diagram of your energy centres (like chakras) and their various interconnections based on the Kabbalah (Tree of Life). This is generated from your date of birth and produces two separate maps of the planetary stations, one from 88 days before your birth which is shown in red, and one from the actual date of your birth, shown in black.

human design gates channelsEach planetary position mapped in this way is then encoded into your bodygraph using the I’Ching. There are 64 hexagrams in the I’Ching and 64 numbers distributed through the 9 energy centres in your bodygraph. Some of these are activated by a planet and produce what are called Gates; shown in your bodygraph as a highlighted number with a red or black line emerging from it towards another centre. When two Gates which are at opposite ends of a line are activated, they connect to form a Channel. This can be half red, half black, all red, all black or black and red striped.

human design gatesWhen this kind of connection through a Channel happens, the Centres (shapes representing the energy centres or chakras) become coloured which is called Definition. Anywhere where you have colour in your chart is defined, consistently switched on energy. Your energy flows consistently and in a fixed pattern between two such connected centres.

Each Centre represents a different characterisation of energy, so the Sacral is the powerful life-force energy for creation and action whereas the Head is the pressure to resolve questions and work out life’s conundrums at the mental level.

Each Centre has as many sub-themes to its energy expression as there are Gates activated within it, so a person with just one Gate defined in their Throat has a fixed way of speaking, whereas someone who has 4 or more Gates activated there has a wider range of expression.

Beginning to sound complex? Well, yes, and rightly so because we are complex beings, and with these 9 energy Centres and their Channel interconnections we can begin to see how unlikely it is for any two people to have exactly the same Human Design chart. (In the case of identical twins, their differences can be seen in the deeper realms of the chart which are too complex to go into here.)

By seeing where energy flows between Centres we can begin to build up a picture of who you are. Each of the Channels has a theme to it which is drawn from the Gates at either end; Gates are really  I’Ching hexagrams within your body.  Channels are organised into Circuits of which there are 3 main types. Individual channels have  energy for human design channelsempowerment and mutation; Collective which is the energy for sharing what we’ve learned and understand from our experiences; and Tribal which is the energy for preservation, ensuring survival, reproduction,  nurturing,  and bargains. Someone with a lot of tribal circuitry activated is going to be interested in using their energy to help their family or local community survive, thrive and succeed materially through mutual support as a basis for spiritual or personal development.

Definition is where you come home to yourself.

It is what defines the energy that you have consistently at your disposal and we can be quite specific about the personal characteristics, preferences, skills, traits, attributes and qualities you demonstrate. Energy seeks expression in the world as speech or action, so what you wish to do with your life, your purpose, where you find joy, satisfaction, success and peace can be interpreted by looking at where your energy flows naturally. When you are using that energy correctly for you, frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment can reduce and you eventually meet less resistance in life.

What is White isn’t Empty

However, this doesn’t mean that that’s how you have always experienced your life because Definition is only a part of the story. And then there is all the white space in the centres, the channels and gates where no planet activated it at your birth or 88 days before your birth. This is called Openness and it is where you can take in energy from other people. You can think of it as being a window onto the world, where you sense other people as they come into your aura. Each person brings their own pattern of Definition and if we think of Defined Centres and Channels as transmitting energy, the Openness in another person’s chart is where they will receive what has been transmitted.

human design chart mandalaSo where you have whiteness in your chart, it may look empty but it rarely is. It is more like a place where you experience a kaleidoscope of energies constantly shifting and changing. This accounts for the reason we feel ourselves to be different when with other people; maybe one friend or colleague seems to create a feeling of pressure within you, a need to get things done quickly or an ability to work faster, whilst another person creates a feeling of relaxation and well-being within you. Perhaps you’ve experienced being with someone and suddenly feeling like you have many brilliant ideas which later, when you go home, you just cannot access again. Or there’s someone you feel particularly drawn to because being with them makes you feel whole and complete. All of these different experiences can be explained through the openness in your Human Design chart. It is energy interacting and throughout your life you can become wise about these different ways of expressing energy provided you don’t try to act as though you have that kind of energy yourself all the time.

The skill of the reader is in weaving these various elements together to form a portrait of you, a personality profile that is so specific it could really only be about you and nobody else. Many people experience a feeling of being fully ‘seen’ for the first time by such a reading and often I hear exclamations of

“I’ve always wondered about why I did that and now it makes so much sense” or

“now I can see why other people have said that about me”.

One such brief example I’ve written up to give you an idea of what someone’s definition can show is in Sir Tim Smit’s chart. (Sir Tim Smit was the originator and driving force behind the Eden Project , a huge conservation project in Cornwall now internationally renowned for its stunning achievement)

The tools of Strategy and Authority which relate to your Definition then help you to live out more fully your expression of your true and authentic Self. This leads you into being more able to you’re your own life where your defined energy can be expressed in the world and bring you satisfaction, peace, success or surprise – and when you live your purpose you can love your life and live your joy.

Having a Human Design Reading can be empowering and transformational as you are reconnected with the truth of who you are. You can feel relieved of the pressure to try to be who you are not and rediscover your unique core frequency. read more about getting your Human Design Reading here ……

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