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Human Design Readings



New to Human Design? An Introductory Reading will be the best way to get started.

If you have been following your own design’s Strategy and Authority for a while and wish to go deeper, then the Detailed reading will provide you with the additional details of the keynotes and your Incarnation Cross and Nodal Environment. This also includes 2 follow up coaching sessions.

If you would like to be mentored in your Human Design experiment, I offer individual coaching sessions, or you can book 3 months with 6 sessions and email/messenger/WhatsApp support between sessions

Human Design – Know Yourself as the foundation of all wisdom.

When you know yourself, with love, you can know the other with love.

Human Design provides a map of your biology and psychology (DNA coding). And it is an invitation to experiment with a new way of living into the future that can take you beyond your unconscious programming and adaptations.

As neuroscience research is showing, we are highly adaptive as we are growing up. Our neurophysiology is literally created in response to our environment. This is one of the ways that human beings have survived so well as a species. And we are now getting ready to evolve collectively beyond this. We cannot continue in this current adaptive cycle which sees us becoming unbalanced with our planetary environment and our bodies.

What we currently lose in our adaptive processes (parenting, schools, peer pressure etc) is the ability to connect with our own Inner Authority – a felt sense in the whole body of what is correct for us to engage with according to our innate design. This fundamental severing of our connection to what is natural within us has painful consequences at a personal level as well as collectively.

Using your Human Design chart it is possible to see where you are out of harmony within yourself, and to plan a route that will gradually reconnect you with trust in an internal wisdom. This improves your own life when you encounter less resistance within yourself, your health, and your relationships.

How hard is it for you to know who you truly are and what you value and how you can be effective in the world when you have been disconnected from all that is nature within you?

4 Steps to living your own design:

Step 1: get your own chart*

Step 2: watch my video below to begin to decode some of it for yourself

Step 3: begin to experiment with using your own Strategy and Authority

Step 4: get help. Book a reading. Join Facebook groups according to your Type and Strategy and your Inner Authority. Search online.

*You can get your chart provided that you know your accurate date, time and place of birth from these sites:

Introductory Reading

£1251.5 hours
  • Advanced chart plus recording

Detailed Reading

£4504 hours
  • Advanced Chart plus recording plus coaching

Coaching + Mentoring

£1602 hours
  • Coaching and Mentoring sessions online

How to Begin to Read Your Own Human Design Chart

In the spirit of teaching people how to fish rather than giving them a fish, here’s an explanation of what to look at in your Human Design Chart. You will then be able to search through online information, Facebook groups and piece the information together in a logical framework for yourself.

If you would like to have a reading in which I synthesize all these parts in a way that penetrates your cellular awareness, Contact Me

How I work with Your Human Design Chart to Heal Trauma

Someone asked a question recently about whether trauma could be seen in a chart. My response is that we can see in the hart how we suffer when we lose connection with our own inner authority. Inner Authority is for making decisions which keep us aligned on our trajectory. It comes from body awareness and this is what gets disrupted by unresolved traumatic experiences. In this video I talk about each of the 5 authority centres and how they can be affected by traumatic experiences held in the body.