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T]here are two passions in my life, both represented in this web site:
~ therapist  holding a safe supportive space as you remember your true magnificence and connect with your innate Alive Spirit for greater health and well-being
~ textile artist making things inspired by nature using wool felt, dyes, fabrics and embroidery, and now offering workshops

Creativity is the common theme. From my experience of supporting people to move out of patterns of depression, anxiety, self-doubt and physical pain, I have seen how we all have creative resources within. We think we don’t know how to solve our problems, but with a little help, guidance and empathic support, these creative parts of our inner being can be accessed.

It is widely accredited to Einstein that he said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” If this is true, and I have witnessed repeatedly the validity of this statement, then the clue to the solution is to change consciousness. Using tools such as hypnotherapy,  EFT and visualisation, you can easily be shown how to connect with another level of consciousness where new possibilities open up and the root causes of unhealthy patterns of behaviour can be revealed.

Once we become aware of some of our behaviour patterns, which were established to solve a problem many years ago, it is much easier to go about altering them. The emotional underpinnings which create the energy to sustain the behaviour can be released.

There is a life force within each of us, Alive Spirit, which can restore health where once there was sickness and suffering. 

When something is placed on grass which obscures the sunlight, the grass grows weakly and yellow. Once the object is removed, the grass quickly restores its vigour. In so many ways, we are no different. Discovering the object and removing it is the important work of therapy. Underneath everything else I believe we are healthy, loving people.

You can schedule a 30 minute free discovery session with me to talk through your situation, and to get a sense of how I work. Go to Appointments and select 30 minute free call.


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