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There are times when something that is seeking to emerge into life requires support.

This is different from the problem-fixing approach which regards symptoms as errors. Symptoms are a valid form of communication, whether they are physical or mental. They are created when there is an inner movement towards greater expression of health and well-being that is in some way blocked.

My approach to therapy is to support the emerging aspect of you, by helping you to develop the required resources, resilience, adaptability, strength for this to be lived fully.
I use Trauma Aware methods to build on foundations of safety and prevent or minimise re-triggering the nervous system.
Over the past 15 years I have studied hypnotherapy, EFT, psychotherapy, counselling, Human Design, body awareness, mindfulness and trauma treatments. It is the blend of skills with loving witnessing presence that creates the most powerful and safe environment for deep and lasting change for my clients.

Let’s have a conversation about what you want to create more of in your life – health, satisfaction, creativity, clear decision-making, business growth, living more authentically, aligned activism, authentic relationships.

Explore what is preventing that from coming into your life now: in what ways are you protecting yourself? Feeling unworthy? Cutting yourself off from intimacy? Distrusting your decisions? Dishonouring your feelings? Struggling with anxiety, stress and overwhelm?

My clients gain a deep connection with their true nature within a healthy and supportiveeco-system which enables them to  make empowered healthy and creative decisions, and to enjoy greater aliveness and presence in their work and relationships.

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Fees are from
£65 per hour session (online or phone)
£150 2 hour coaching session one-off
£850 for a VIP day with 3 follow up sessions (online)
£2500 for a VIP day and 4 months of coaching/therapy follow up.

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