My understanding of healing is that there are times when something that is seeking to emerge into life requires some kind of support. This is different from the problem-fixing approach which regards symptoms as errors. Symptoms are a valid form of communication, whether they are physical or mental. They are created when there is an inner movement towards greater expression of health and well-being that is in some way blocked.
My approach to therapy is to support the emerging aspect of you, by helping you to develop the required resources, resilience, adaptability, strength for this to be lived fully.
I have found, though personal and professional experience, that the body and mind need to be integrated in order to experience proper healing. When there is a disconnect, it is possible to believe that we know what we want and how we are responding to people, events, situations. When the signals from the body are attended to, it is revealed that they are often telling a different story. A healing or developmental process can be accelerated when these are acknowledged for the intelligence that they are. (Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Trauma Training with Babette Rothschild are my ongoing current studies)
Trauma training is about being aware of the foundations of safety and how to keep from re-triggering the nervous system into a state where integration of any new thought or behaviour is highly unlikely.
Over the past 15 years I have studied hypnotherapy, EFT, psychotherapy, counselling, Human Design, body awareness, mindfulness and trauma treatments. I have come to realise that it is the blend of skills with presence that creates the most powerful and safe environment for deep and lasting change.

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