trust yourself quoteMarian Mills photoHi, I’m Marian and what I love to do is to inspire people to  become free to live their true life. My belief is that life is the creative force that wants to be expressed through each of  and we feel satisfied, successful,  peaceful when we can collaborate with this flow of energy instead of fighting against it.

This is something I’ve been exploring all my life although not consciously until 2004 when I went through one of those life phases where everything seemed to be falling apart but was actually coming together differently and better. Since then I have discovered many and varied paths to revelation – not a spiritual vision involving angels and lights – the revelation I’m talking about here is of my true and authentic Self.

Everything I have learned, I have done so through direct personal experience – that’s just the way my life is – so even when things seemed to be going  pear-shaped, I was really involved in deep learning about myself. I’ve struggled and healed my way through anxiety, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, ill health, abusive relationships, the challenges of learning conscious parenting. I have also read hundreds of books and discovered that none of them could give me a complete answer, because actually I have my own answers. It took me many years of searching before I was ready to give up looking outside of myself and to truly trust that what was already in my life was sufficient. In fact it revealed itself to be far more than sufficient; it is wonderful, dynamic, full of surprises and change, deep mysteries and astounding insights.

Over the years I’ve studied and practised several different techniques including hypnotherapy, EFT, counselling and now the latest continuing deep study which is the Human Design System*. I have creatively merged them with what I learned from my own experience and those of my clients into a hybrid form of guidance which I call Liberation Coaching.

About My Human Design

Marian Mills Human Design Chart Projector 6/2This is my Human Design chart which shows that I am a Projector with a 6/2 Profile which means I am a Role Model/Hermit. The Role Model part of me has taken 50 years to fully mature, going through painful times where nothing seemed to work out, then healing and learning in depth about myself and other people, so that I am now emerging to walk my own talk and be a living example of the truth of who I am.

The Hermit side is where I have natural talents and skills to quickly see right into the heart of someone’s problems as well as being an introvert, needing plenty of time alone.

As a Projector, I am deeply interested in other people, waiting with awareness to see who recognizes my gifts for guiding their energy and invites me to work with them.

I have 4 energy centres defined – the coloured shapes in the chart represent energy centres, like chakras, that are operating in a consistent way within me. These are the Head (centre for Inspiration), Ajna (centre for mental concepts and ideas), Throat (centre for expression) and G (centre for love, identity and direction). Therefore I have 5 open centres, the white shapes which represent energy centres that are open and receptive to other people’s energy. This is where I ‘read’ other people and have developed my greatest asset which is wisdom about the variety and potentials in those centres. These are the Sacral (centre for creative power energy), the Root (centre for the fuel of adaptation and growth), the Spleen (intuitive survival intelligence), the Solar Plexus (emotional awareness) and the Will (willpower and self-worth).

Through these open centres I can read people’s state of energy, health and well-being, their emotional state, sense of self-worth and ability to deal with stress. This is how I can detect what most needs to be changed in the way someone is living to ensure their optimal health and energetic well-being, where their creative flow is blocked or stagnant, and whether self-worth issues and pressures are driving them to overwork and ignore their inner guidance.

I have 3 channels defined, – a channel is the red or black or red and black connection between two energy centres – the Channel of Awareness, a design of the thinker, the Channel of Inspiration, the creative role model and the Channel of the Prodigal, design of a witness.

I can interpret this chart simply as “the Projector who is waiting to be invited to witness and inspire people with awareness“. I can unravel this a bit further by adding in some of the circuitry keynotes, so “I am seeking to empower myself and others through creativity and awareness whilst sharing what I learn from being witness to people’s emotional experiences. When people are drawn to share their innermost secrets with me I witness their process whilst inspiring them in creative ways to become empowered through the discovery of their own design.”

My inner authority is my G centre (the yellow diamond shape in the middle) which means I am motivated by love and seek creative expression through everything I do. This is why I love to share what I’ve learned, through my own awareness of the distilled wisdom from my open centres.

This is a very brief example of how to read a Human Design chart. A full reading takes 90 minutes. All readings are recorded so that you can relisten and discover that it is the reading that keeps on giving.

My Human Design Readings help you connect with the truth of who you are, liberate more of your creativity, free up your energy, clear shame pinch/flinch points, and gain clarity about your powerful inner guidance for decision-making.

Just call me for a chat or contact me to talk about ways we can work together to liberate you.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.”
― Pythagoras

“..there can be right action only when there is right thinking and there is no right thinking when there is no self-knowledge. Without knowing yourself, there is no peace.”
– Krishnamurti


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* I am in continuing training to become a professional analyst within the guidelines of the IHDS and Human Design America based on the original work of Ra Uru Hu. Having completed 4 years I can say that this is a most profound and in depth training which involves my own personal journey of expansion and liberation through investigation into the mysteries of my own life as revealed in my chart. It is because I have walked this path that I am able to guide you on the same journey, to assist you to discover your hidden depths, the lessons life brings you and how you can use your Strategy and Authority to come into ever more presence and alignment with your true essence. When you live as your true Self, what you see is your truth, and what you share with others is a gift to the world.
As I learn more I am able to share more, and to guide you beyond the initial reading which, although valuable, is just a fraction of what this amazing system can reveal. Come into conscious relationship with yourself and turn your awareness towards your amazing potential.