mandala-art-embroidered-painted-fabric-textile-art-marian-mayI’ve been deeply immersed in mandala art since starting a year long course in this ancient form with Julie Gibbons. It is rich and deep and is now forming a daily practice for me as I find I become grounded and centered. When I get a head so full of ideas I’m almost bouncing off the walls, I’ve found that the better way to move forward in that moment is to sit and focus on something slow, deliberate and very much get absorbed in the present moment. The ideas then go and sort themselves out, and some end up in drawers in my mind whilst others fly on to find other minds in which they can germinate. Mandala drawing and colouring is a perfect activity.

The act of creating the mandala is one of communication, of co-operation with something that wants to be born through me. I am not in control but I am in charge of the physical emergence. This one was a bit of a struggle for me, and at times I just had to sit with the feeling of “I don’t know where this is going or if I’m going to like it” and keep on going. After all, so what if it doesn’t work out? So what if I don’t like it? Something beneficial to me will come from whatever happens.

This one gave me the words “the fresh green shoots of innocence”

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