When you know yourself, you can have a better relationship with yourself and therefore with everyone else in your life. It’s about discovering how to love and accept yourself just the way you are. So you’re not perfect, but whose idea of perfect is that really?

Today relationships are even more important to our ability to achieve success in business. People buy from people only after a relationship has been created and built on. People need to buy from someone they trust, and if you do not know yourself, you give off vibes of being unauthentic which people sense.  I can see that this trend is going to increase as we withdraw from the huge monolithic corporate company structure which is no longer sustainable. I heard today that the number one reason people use the internet is to communicate – Facebook, Twitter, Social Media rather than research for facts and figures is the new attraction factor. So if you use the internet to attract your customers and clients, it’s important that you know yourself as well as knowing what your customers are looking for. This means getting to know them personally, building one to one connections, creating a basis of trust.

How can you get to know yourself better? A Human Design reading gives you information about your personal strengths and characteristics, your potential, understanding about why your life has been the way it has, as well as what you can do to improve your relationships with yourself. It provides you with the keys to the freedom to be you, to begin or go deeper in your unravelling of the many layers of beliefs and limitations that you have picked up. Many people say it gives them permission to finally give up trying to be what someone else thought they should be – usually their parents.

Our relationships are our mirror. Anyone who triggers you into a strong emotional reaction is just reminding you of what you believe about yourself. When you can look at the belief and challenge its validity, you can release it. This can even bring you to feel gratitude for the person and thank them for helping you come even closer to the truth of who you are.

So the better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the whole world. And you truly can live in a world of peace when you live in peace with yourself.

Call me to talk about your challenges and see how a Human Design reading can really cut through your limitations, relationship difficulties and self-criticism. I’m very happy to talk about what I do and why I believe in it because of what I have discovered through my own journey of self-discovery into my 7th year of living by my design.

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