There are 4 Types in the Human Design System. Which one are you?

Each Type has a Strategy for making empowered decisions that are in alignment with your design. This strategy draws you away from using your mind to decide what you’re going to do and focuses you on becoming aware of what is happening around you and within you. How is your body responding to people? How are you feeling in different situations? What are the subtle signals that something is not good for you that you have become so used to ignoring? Where does your mind take over to make decisions based on fear?

Integral Human Design shows the spectrum of consciousness for each of the Types depending on how the frequency held within the DNA.

Generators can respond to their surroundings, engaging their energy with creative action or not.

At the Shadow level, when acting on fear, they experience frustration as their actions are mistimed and energy misguided; as greater love is held within the body, they become rhythmic, sensing their inner flow in harmony with external flow as resilience. This brings them a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Manifesting Generators experience obstinacy at the Shadow level; and their natural dynamism emerges when they embody greater love and become patient.

Manifestors can initiate and inform people before they take action that impacts upon them.

At the Shadow level, when acting on fear, they are provocative and experience anger; as greater love is held within the body, they become empowering, aware of how their actions can impact positively on those around them. They learn how to act with courtesy and feel peace.

Projectors can wait to be recognised for their skills and talents and then invited to share their wisdom and guidance.

At the Shadow level, when acting on fear, they tend to interfere in other people’s business and experience bitterness as a result of not being recognised. At the Gift level of greater love, when they have learned to have faith in themselves, they can act in an integrative way and feel successful.

Reflectors can wait through the moon cycles to arrive at clarity about their decisions.

At the Shadow level, when acting on fear, they dissipate energy and feel disappointment in people they meet. As they grow in trust and love, they can become embracing.

None of these involve thinking about what you should or ought to do. The experiment in living is about alignment with the flow of your life, so you bring your creative gift and genius fully into the world.



Human Design Readings

There are several types of reading you can have, from the Foundation Reading as the starting point, to Life Cycle and Relationship readings. You can also give them as gifts.

three-keys-type-strategy-authority-human-design-reading-system-chart-marian-millsThe 3 Keys: Type, Strategy and Authority

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Some decisions work out really well and others don’t – do you want to know why? Using your inner or external authority instead of relying on your mind’s programming is a key to becoming more intuitive and aligned in your decision-making

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