What does it really mean to have your own authority?

All too often we give away our power by allowing other people’s desires and needs of us to trump our own decisions. Empowered decision-making comes from knowing who you are and using your own authority to make choices that are correct for you, your life and your purpose. You are the one who then takes full responsibility for your choices and the life that results. Even if something appears to be going disastrously wrong, if you have entered into it knowing that it is correct for you in some way, then you can learn empowering lessons from the experience.

Each Type has a Strategy for decision-making. For Generators, Projectors and Reflectors (92% of all people on the planet) this involves some form of waiting and then responding to situations and people around them rather than initiating things. It’s about following what feels better, where your energy feels engaged and ‘turned on’.

esoteric-keys-type-strategy-authorityThen there is your personal authority; this is the place within you that decisions are made – and a clue here, it is never your mind! For some people decisions are lightning fast intuitive responses whilst others need to process their feelings over time to arrive at clarity. There are 6 different authorities so we know it’s not true to say that everyone can be good at immediate intuitive decisions; some people even need to talk things through with someone else so that they can hear what they are saying and with what kind of energy. Whichever one it is for you, once you have identified it and learned to trust it, choices made from that feeling/sense/awareness rapidly expand your consciousness and draw more of your potential out into expression. These are the alchemical keys that unlock your potential personal treasure – the life of love and joy you are here to experience.



If you are completely new to Human Design, start by accessing your free chart and my Shine By Design guidebook.

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