Having recently attended an inspirational business seminar hosted by Rachel Elnaugh at which Sir Tim Smit , the inspiration behind the fabulous Eden Project in Cornwall, spoke and totally wowed the entire audience (including me), I decided to write up a short thumbnail sketch of him from what I can discover through his Human Design chart. (Although I don’t have an accurate time of birth, most of the information represented here stays constant throughout the 24 hours of the day of his birth).

This is intended to serve as an illustration of how the Human Design chart accurately reveals a person’s character and potential skills and attributes, and, most importantly, how they can live their joy.

human design chart for sir tim smit eden project cornwall

Human Design chart for Sir Tim Smit



As a Generator (Type), Tim’s strategy is to respond to what life and people bring to him. Only then can he really feel whether he has the energy to sustain the commitment to what is being asked from him.

He has two defined channels which consistently connect and carry the energy between two defined centres (chakras);

a)      the Channel of Discovery, a design of succeeding where others fail links his Sacral creative power energy with his G centre which gives him as sense of direction, purpose and identity. It has the potential through its power to respond in the now moment to bring him to the right place at the right time. This is collective energy, so the real value of Tim’s experiences are in having collected some valuable wisdom which he can then share with the wider population after the experience has been completed. When he is really clear in his commitment, his immersion in the experience is deep and the quality of wisdom he emerges from it with is of greater value.

b)      the Channel of Struggle, a design of stubbornness,  links his Root adrenalized fuel for adaptation energy with his Spleen intuition about health and well-being in people and societal values. This is mutative energy bringing the potential for empowering change through the development of intuition. The intuition is about whether there is a way to find purpose in some activity because survival alone is not enough – life must have some meaning that makes it worthwhile. Ultimately the struggle is to create a life of true value, empowering others to seek meaning in their own lives and to begin to question their purpose in life.

As a Generator Tim can feel satisfied when he uses his abundant creative energy in response to requests from people who know him to deeply commit to discovering whether he can succeed at something against all the odds and that satisfies his intense desire to fight to make changes to cultural values which enhance meaning in his life. (Quote from his speech about when he first discovered success: “When you get ‘there’ you find that there is no ‘there’ and the success is like ashes in your fingers”).

When he responds with a clearly committed ‘Yes’ to opportunities to work with his friends, colleagues and associates he has the perseverance and provocative power to  overcome obstacles along the way, eliciting people’s true spirit of adventure, desire to expand and grow, and to achieve something larger than themselves alone. His perseverance can make him seem charmed when somehow he seems to be in the right place at the right time.

The Eden Project CornwallHe can demonstrate an effective deafness to anyone who might seek to influence him, especially when that contradicts his convictions, and he is deeply motivated to achieve liberation from untruth and negative interference ( Another quote from his speech: “kill negative people”).

Although he is a great initiator, he needs the energy of others to work together to bring something to fulfillment.  And in the process those other people can be inspired to find something meaningful in the way they live their lives and use their time and energy.

Through his response he discovers how his ability to adapt, challenge or even overthrow old values and belief systems can be shared with a wider population to create something worthwhile, valuable and meaningful. He likes the company of people who share some aspect of his vision of what makes a meaningful life, and within this group he is able to fulfill his identity as a heretical role model, overthrowing the ‘norms’ and finding practical new ways to achieve his visions that engage everyone in a new level of thinking. This isn’t change for the sake of change, it is change that has the potential to engage the creative use of people’s energy to the service of the highest principles.

He has a knack of discovering and nurturing the rose that blooms even in the rubbish dump and – the values that enrich people’s lives even in a time of decadence and cultural wasteland – and through being true to himself and his values, can encourage, cajole and inspire others to join him in these ventures. Every activity has to have a value, even the short term ones which go towards creating the bigger goal.

divider heartThis is just a snapshot of what can be read about his consistently available energy. A lot more can be said once we get into the realms of relationships and how our energy interacts, connects or repels and conditions us in helpful and not so helpful ways.

Ra Uru Hu, the initial channel for the Human Design System information in 1987, describes it as “the science of differentiation” which is about loving yourself as your unique self when you can become free from your conditioned ‘need’ to be what pleases someone else. The 9-centred being is what we are evolving into for the new 4th or 5th dimensional energies.

Call me to chat about whether a Human Design reading could help you come to know yourself better and offer practical ways for you to become empowered. Or you can read more on my page About Human Design Readings.

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