As an analyst, I can provide Human Design Readings for people in America via Skype from my office in the UK.

I am a Projector which means that I am intensely focused in my perception of other people and it is this detail and depth that I bring to the readings I give. Projectors also make fabulous guides for Generators. If you’re wondering how to escape frustration and turn it around to achieve satisfaction, consider having a reading with me. I will accurately pinpoint your personal key talents and skills, your individual characteristics, as well as the potential pitfalls where you can waste your energy and get distracted from the focus of who you are and what you are here to create.

Being the Role Model (6/2 profile) means that I also walk my talk – I’ve been there and done it and can now live my authentic life which is to empower you to do the same, reconnect with the truth of who you are, live your life and love your self.

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