Here’s a little purse I felted a couple of weeks ago, in colours that remind me of a storm ocean with crashing waves. We don’t really get huge crashing waves here on the east coast of the UK, but when there is a brisk easterly wind, the waves queue up in rows sometimes 6 deep breaking and re-breaking and the sound is quite awesome.

I wanted a frothy effect for the edge of the wave so I used som wensleydale curly locks and a piece of lace cutting from an old duvet set. Just yesterday I got the inspiration for the embroidery and beading including some pieces of dyed silk ribbon I picked up from the wonderful Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace at the weekend. I have incorporated some silver and turquoise glittery threads too.

Ocean wave purse This is Covehithe beach where I like to paddle and splosh about as late into the year as I am able. It is mostly wonderfully deserted and runs between Southwold and Kessingland.

covehithe beach

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