nuno felt scarf layout blythwhimsiesI found a gorgeous lightweight floral silk chiffon scarf to try out some nuno felting. It was a wet and rainy day, very overcast, so playing with this colourway was a delightful contrast. I never know in advance what I’m going to do so I just start laying down some wool and let the patterns emerge organically. This one has white and pale green merino wool, purple and fiery orange/red/yellow locks, pale green tapestry wool laid on a poppy floral print scarf.

nuno felt scarf layout detailAnd here’s the finished scarf. I noticed that rather than ruching the silk chiffon, it was becoming distorted and stretched, which gives the whole scarf a wavy (or waney) edged style. What was a very insubstantial little scarf now has more weight and body yet is still soft and drapey.

nuno felt silk chiffon scarf blythwhimsies

I think next time I will try a different kind of silk and felt the edges so that there are larger areas of scrunched and ruched silk between the wool parts. This is very pretty for spring though.

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