I love clematis flowers but sadly am not a keen enough gardener to grow them very well. So I put them into my paintings and now also into felt. I made the clematis flowers first as pre-felts, embellished with small twists of bamboo fibre. I also made a few variegated green cords to use for stems. Some of these ended up sitting slightly proud which I like because it gives a bit of varied texture.

Then I set about making the bag using a plastic resist – unfortunately I didn’t take any before and after pictures so it’s difficult to show the lovely purple inside pocket. When I added the flowers, two of them were a little too large, so I scrunched them up in the middle to make them fit.

I added a magnetic bag clasp from bag-clasps.co.uk but I’m not sure if it’s a bit too strong for the felt which I didn’t really harden as I prefer softer felt. The first time I put my purse into it, the handle came off, so I’ve tightened the knot and secured it with a few stitches just in case!

A few beads in the centre of the flowers just for some added sparkle and bling.

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