Sometimes we just don’t get the timing right for making the coffee for our Sunday morning breakfast, and, of course, it gets cool whilst sitting in the pot. So I thought of this cosy home for it. My first one was way too small, and once I’d cut the slit up the side to fit it over the handle I realised it was never going to fit. So, I set about making a second one, and added some little extras using resists. This one has a roof edge that overhangs the walls, and shutters on all the windows.

Some of the wool nepps didn’t stay on all that well, so I added embroidered french knots – or as I sometimes seem to create, ‘french loops’! It now sits cosily over the entire cafetiere, including the handle, and keeps the coffee nice and hot until the moment we are ready to pour it out. The tall pointed roof allows the plunger to be left raised so the coffee can also be brewing (if coffee does that – or is it only tea?)

Here it is laid out ready for wetting and rubbing. I put some small pieces of plastic under the grey wool to create shutters and a layer of plastic under the edge of the roof for which I used pre-felt so it would be overhanging the walls and not felted flat. I added some green tapestry wool for a climbing rose with pink wool nepps.

cafetiere cosy home blythwhimsies layout 2015-09-29And here it is after felting and adding some embroidery to the shutters and flowers outside the front door.

cafetiere cosy home blythwhimsies felted 2015-10-08

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