Nature’s colour schemes at this time of year (October) are just wonderful. Rich oranges and yellows of nasturtium with pale mauve blue discs of convolvulus, sprinkled with sprays of white sweet alyssum (thank goodness for the internet as I had to look up that last name). I wanted to capture them in a small felt piece and test an idea I had for a 3D effect on the flowers.

Firstly I made some orange, yellow and green pre-felts. I cut out the flower shapes and the leaf shapes. The leaves I embroidered with very fine white wool to create the veins, and the flowers I used red and orange silk thread. Here they are before I felted them into the bigger piece.

I laid out a layer of white followed by two layers of green merino wool tops. Then I added the leaves. For the flowers I cut discs of plastic just larger than the flower itself, and cut out the centre so that the flower would felt in leaving the petals free at the edges. Then I added small twists of various blues for the columbine flowers and a sprinkling of white wool nepps. I also added a few wool tapestry threads to suggest leaves and stems and a couple of curly wensleydale locks and silk threads for texture.

Here it is after felting – the flowers worked reasonably well, although I had to cut one or two of the petals free from the background felt. Next time I will make the plastic resists larger. I wondered whether to work the background felt more but for now I love the simplicity of this piece with a few little bits of embroidery around the leaf shapes – they did seem to become a bit lost in the felting process – and in the convolvulus flowers. This idea will hopefully become a bag one day …….. watch this space!

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