the-wild-pure-natural-genius-that-you-areYou are a genius. Everyone is.

You are pure and you are messy.

You are wild and you are tame.

You are everything.

Your family and loved ones provide contrast, tell you that you are unloveable, separate, alone, weak, wrong, too intense, too soft, too meek, too strong. This pain stimulates you to reach for what you dream, and discover it is not in them, not in anyone else. It never was for them to give it to you, because it is within you. There is great tragedy and loss and grief in this discovery. Why didn’t you look there sooner?

It’s time to step out of the fear of your wild natural genius and let it come out to play, trusting it won’t wreak havoc. Your fears have guided you perfectly to this point.

You are beautiful and amazing just as you are, a raw, unfinished, unpolished yet perfect piece of art, someone who stumbles then runs then skips then falls then cries then totters then flies then falls over and over.

Respect the life force that you are, nurture it, let it carry you away in its arms. It loves all that you are.

It is wild but not terrifying, fierce but not violent, gentle but not weak, soft but not fragile.

Let it wash your face and feet with clear pure water of consciousness.

Nourish it and let it nourish you, surrender to it until your sense of separation from it is gone.

Be fresh and alive to every moment.

Why? Because this is your heart’s deepest desire and you won’t be happy unil you do.

Give the gift of your genius to everyone.

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