uncertaintyWe are living in a risk averse culture, attempting to eliminate uncertainty, or at least our awareness of it. Uncertainty is something we find difficult and uncomfortable so we quickly track down the statistics or the blog or the community that will back up our preferred view. In this way we settle into our ruts, settle for what we have for fear of losing it, settle within our limitations instead of challenging them. We have lost touch with our innate ability to solve our own problems through living with uncertainty.


We don’t need to work everything out in our mind, although we can do that quite brilliantly for about 10% of problems. For the rest there are many creative ways to invent solutions and then try them out; not everything is going to work. Life itself is creative problem-solving, especially when lived consciously. Certainty is like sticking a pin through an exotic butterfly in order to know about it and thus killing it. And this is what I think Albert Einstein meant when he said:

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them.”

So today we may be solving problems that our ancestors created through our ability to live at a different level of consciousness. Even within one lifetime, we can create problems as a child, then grow and learn and live our way to our solutions.

The snake analogy is a good one for this, as each expansion of consciousness requires us to shed our skin, skin which is limiting growth has to be split, shred, destroyed,  our certainties fall away and we are posed with more questions. We are all mutants in this respect, capable of bringing in a change which may or may not prove useful and successful.

In the Human Design System this is the function of many parts of our makeup and some people have it encoded within them more consistently and strongly than other people do. So there are people who are always seeking change and growth to empower themselves and others, whereas other people can feel destabilised and threatened by change because their makeup is more about keeping things the same, sustaining tradition and cultural values. This is the tension that we are always dealing with in our societies and tribes. How much change can be sustained? How much change is necessary for the continuing health of society?

One thing is for sure, we need our creative change-makers now, those who can swim in the seas of uncertainty and create something new, who can innovate, who can slay dragons and return with the prize!

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