I recently heard someone speaking about a drama workshop with masks which showed clearly that we easily and quickly take on a persona according to the reactions we perceive from people around us. In this sense we can become like a chameleon, constantly adapting to our environment so as to fit in, camouflaged.

There are many reasons we do this – safety, security, belonging. Unfortunately, by doing this, we can lose touch with who really is behind the mask. This is our true creative Self. Some of our creative adaptations become too entrenched over time.

In the film Avatar, the Na’vi  had a form of greeting that really moved me: “I see you”. They could either see behind the mask or possibly had no need of masks. So few of us are really ‘seen’ for who we are. We are seen in family roles  – mother, father, brother, sister;  work roles – secretary, manager, shopkeeper. We are seen for what we can provide to others – husband, lover, carer. But who really sees us completely? And how would it feel to be seen? Maybe this brings up feelings of vulnerability or shame: “I wouldn’t want anyone to know that about me”, “Nobody could like that part of me if they knew”.

Being seen can be a powerful experience. It validates who we feel ourselves to be deep below our conscious awareness. It strikes a tone, our unique tone which is like the song of our Soul calling us home. It activates something within us that is present below all the masks, something forgotten or buried.  Maybe you are already struggling to bring this part of you out into the world  but feel daunted and overwhelmed by the vulnerability and shame this brings. Being seen is life affirming. Just as babies fail to thrive without physical contact, there is a part of each of us that fails to thrive if it isn’t seen.

Being seen in a way that penetrates the masks can also trigger a chain reaction of healing, where the masks begin to fall away leaving us feeling naked and alone. This is why doing this work in supportive groups can be so helpful. If we can reveal ourselves to a few people and discover what that liberates with us, maybe we can go the next step and reveal ourselves fully to the world. This is what being the change you want to see in the world entails, and it takes courage and deserves loving empowering support.

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