What is Waiting?  

what-is-the-waiting-strategy-awareness-human-design-inner-authorityWhen you encounter Human Design, you immediately come across the concept of waiting as part of your Strategy.

Generators are told to Wait to respond.

Emotional Generators are told to Wait for clarity.

Projectors are told to Wait for invitation.

Reflectors are told to Wait for lunar cycles.

Manifestors are told to Inform before initiating and impacting. (waiting is implicit in that they do not initiate all the time)

In an action-focused society, we are led from our minds, so this waiting can be difficult to comprehend.

How can you wait when the dinner needs to be cooked, the children want attention, the bills need to be paid?

How will everything get done if you are just waiting?

We come into a feeling of guilt if we are not doing what needs to be done.

At school, we are taught problem-solving skills, which are valuable when used appropriately.

We are also taught logical thinking, which is valuable when used appropriately.

Then we apply these to our life inappropriately and wonder why frustration, anger, disappointment and bitterness result. These are identified on your Human Design chart as your Not-Self theme. They arise when you are out of alignment because you think about your life and your opinions rule your actions.

Waiting is a state of awareness.

What Ra Uru Hu* was pointing us to with this concept of waiting as part of our Strategy is the background state of awareness that underlies all our actions.

When we are not so busy organising and planning and trying to control our lives through our mind, there is a quiet place of stillness that is where we are aware of our thinking, aware of our doing, aware of our feelings.

Waiting is not sitting helplessly for someone or something outside of you to call you to action (like waiting for the dentist!)

Waiting is not passive – it is dynamic. It is the discipline of an internal, fluid, flexible response to life; connection with the bubbling flow of creative loving being.

The doing still gets done but not because you are trying to avoid feeling guilty!

All your actions become infused with presence which nourishes, nurtures and fills your life and shines on others around you.

This awareness – this waiting – is nothing less than the essence of your being.


Water Reflections by Hazel Holland

The deconditioning journey of Human Design is one of becoming clear within – like still water through which you can see to the depths and also the reflection of the skies. What creates the ripples and ruffles the surface of the water is our conditioning; the places where our mind gets in the way of our pure awareness with its need to control, label, organise, plan the future, review the past, fix things, do it right.

Inner authority, which is partnered with your Strategy, arises from this inner stillness, this aware clarity. To sense it you look for it, which is one of the purposes of a Foundation Reading. Once your mind becomes engaged in the search for your Strategy and Authority it is hooked in as an unaware colluder to its own demise.

I’m not one to go bashing the mind – it gets enough of a bad rap, along with the ego (but that’s another story). There is no part of you or me that is to be fixed, rejected, overcome by force of will.

Your mind is perfect. Your thoughts are perfect. Your ego is perfect.

None of them is who you are.

What is the purpose of waiting?

It is for your choices of when and how to act, when and how to speak, to arise from that deep awareness. And to feel yourself moment to moment as you go through life. It is how to honour and respect your feelings, because you begin to notice how you do things that don’t feel so good. Then instead of pushing through you can make a different choice……. or not.

This is the wellspring of your natural genius.

Your mind then has freedom too and becomes an outer authority for others, sharing thoughts and ideas that arise from awareness and have much to offer to others.

So waiting is the process of attuning to your awareness. Like the spider in the centre of a web, awareness senses the vibrations of places, people, situations, words, music and your choices rise up into spontaneous aligned action……. which can be to take no action.

Awareness includes confusion and doubt, as these are just opinions about the lack of clarity to act or think. Who or what is aware of the feeling of confusion?

Just because you can feel pressure to resolve confusion and doubt and that pressure can feel uncomfortable, understand that there is no need to take action to relieve that pressure. Instead you can choose to become aware of it. By doing so you have shifted to being the observer of your feeling of discomfort which is a higher level of Self.

You are always going to make better choices from this more expanded level of awareness.

Waiting is what leads you to discover awareness. Awareness is the empty container of all your thoughts, feelings, desires, pressures and is where you will find your joy and alignment. Awareness is where your inner authority is sensed: to move this way or that, to choose this or that, to eat this or that, to say this or that, to speak, to stay silent, to move, to stay still. All comes from here.

What’s left when you dismantle all social norms from your thinking? The pure wild genius of life itself.

the-still-point www.marianmay.co.uk Original painting by Marian Mills

Appreciation of Waiting – a detailed and thoughtful explanation by Genoa Bliven, my inspirational guide and teacher of Human Design at HumanDesignAmerica.com



Here’s a wonderfully simple exercise to connect with your deeper awareness from Sri Mooji

*Ra Uru Hu is the originator of Human Design

Image from http://artfromhisheart.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/water-reflections.html

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