using-your-internal-GPS-to-live-your-inner-purpose-marian-mills-human-designIf you keep doing the same thing and finding yourself at the same kind of destination which isn’t one you really want, then you are possibly ignoring a Road Ahead Closed sign somewhere. If you were driving and you encountered one of these signs, there would usually be a Diversion sign to follow instead. There’s nothing wrong with your intended or desired destination, just that your route to get there is going to be a little, or a lot, different than the one you expected.

It’s the same when you encounter a Road Ahead Closed sign in your journey to your dreams. So if you want something different to what you currently have, whether that’s money, relationships, success, first choose your destination.

When you make a choice for something that feels better based on an unwanted and unsatisfactory current reality, you are making a decision to travel the road less travelled. This is not the road that nobody else is on it but one that you haven’t travelled. You can’t know what you will encounter along this road, nor can you know where it will take you, except that it’s towards your chosen destination. All you can know is that it feels better to make this choice rather than repeating your habitual choice.

If you have ever used a simple kind of GPS system, you will probably have had an experience like this: You get to the Road Ahead Closed sign and have to make an unexpected turn. So the next thing that happens is that your GPS recalculates the route. It usually begins by making several suggestions that you do a U-turn, or that you turn left, then left again then take another left, or that you go completely around a roundabout and back the way you have just come. It seems to have a preference for the original route, and continually navigates you back to that. However, if you keep ignoring these recommendations to go back to the original route, you will eventually discover that it has calculated a new route to your destination.

This is what happens when you choose for a better reality. You set your new destination and require a new route.

Then you get to see all sorts of opportunities to go back to your old ways. Each time you refuse, you are strengthening your new route. Or perhaps you decide to modify your destination based on new evidence. This contrast is helpful. Its usefulness is in the opportunity to make new choices and to refine choices.

“So be true to life by being true to your inner purpose. As you become present and thereby total in what you do, your actions become charged with spiritual power.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

human design navigation compassIf you’re wondering how you know about the Road Ahead Closed sign, it is one that you can feel within your body if you can slow down sufficiently. Your body guides you to the truth of your inner purpose. It is often something that is fairly easy to ignore at first. There will be a thought that overrides the feeling, urging you to continue as planned. If something feels heavy or tiresome or like a drag, these are all signs that your body is giving you that you really don’t want to go that way. If this scenario continues, the physical signs can begin to evidence themselves more, possibly as ill health or pain or discomfort, or emotions of frustration, bitterness, anger, disappointment. You may reach the point of thinking you can’t go on, yet still double back and repeat the circular route you are so familiar with. Such is the power of our conditioned thoughts, which are less about who we really are than about how we have taken on the role of pleasing others.

So when you choose for what feels better, you are choosing to be true to your inner purpose. You will find yourself on new roads, in different scenery, meeting new people. This is the uniqueness of your life. It’s not about being special or standing out from the crowd, but all about the way you feel when you live your life, in its mundane ordinariness as well as its highs and lows. This is what you came here for.This is your inner purpose.

It really isn’t about what you do but about the way you do it when lit from within by infinite love and presence to all of life.


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