time-limited-offers-emotional-authority-human-designI’m sure you will have come across time-limited offers for various products and services. Those ones where there is some idea that if you don’t respond quickly – instantly even – you will miss out on something.

50% of the world’s population has an emotional inner authority.

What does this mean in practical terms?

These are people who need to take time to feel through a process before reaching clarity about their decision. That time element can be minutes, hours, days, weeks and longer.

Simply stated, if you are one of these people*, none of these sales pitches will ever offer you anything you need or that is good for you.
(* you can discover from your chart which kind of inner authority you have and how it works by signing up on the right for your free chart and Shine By Design guide)

If you are marketing your own products and services, know that you will not attract people who need to take time to feel aligned with your offering.

When someone who has an emotional authority makes a quick snap decision, they often live to regret it. Over time they can lose all confidence in their decisions as most things seem to not work out at all well. Who loses out when this happens? Honestly, both parties.

If you are selling goods or services, you want your customers to feel satisfied. Satisfied customers tell their friends; satisfied customers shout out on social media; satisfied customers return again and again; satisfied customers are good for your reputation and your marketing budget!

If you are the buying customer, you want to feel you have purchased something that lives up to its potential. Feeling pressured by a time limit will tend to push you into your mind to choose, and nothing you want in life will ever come from your mental awareness.

This is a bold, radical and powerful concept.

Nothing you want comes from doing something that feels bad.

Emotional authority takes time because your perspective is constantly shifting an emotional spectrum. Something that delights you one moment can feel heavy and dull within a few hours. How then are you to know what your true response is? By waiting.

earth_and_moon_from_space-wallpaper-640x480Here’s an analogy: If you were to take a snapshot of the earth from outer space, you would see a blue-green ball with swirling cloud patterns. However if you filmed a trip around the earth, you would see two distinct twighlight areas, and a lot of darkness. This is the reality of the earth. Only time reveals its true nature as a place of light and dark. So it is with emotional authority; both the joy and the sadness reveal the essential truth of a choice.

Please remember, this accounts for 50% of people alive today.

Customers: respect your process and allow yourself the time to choose.

Sellers: respect your customers’ process and leave pressure and time out of your sales.


Here are some self-respecting and self-honouring ways to create more time and space for your choices:

Many of us feel uncomfortable saying ‘No’ to someone, and the more pressure they are putting out, the harder it can be.

1. So learn a few phrases that give you a way out, a time out to be alone with your emotional guidance.

It sounds really good but I need to think about it a bit more“, “I really need to sleep on it“, “I know I feel better when I am on my own to think“, “It’s a big decision and I want to feel really sure before going ahead so I’m going to take some time to do that

2. Literally physically put some distance between yourself and the person who is pressuring you.

Moving 15 feet away from someone limits their energetic impact on your body.

Being in your own space you can do a re-set process.

  1. Breathe – take a few deep breaths right down into your belly and sigh them out again,
  2. feel your body and notice where you are holding tension,
  3. gently ask if it will release (don’t force anything – that isn’t respectful of yourself and what you are trying to get away from!)
  4. when you feel calmer, ask yourself if you want to re-engage in the situation. If not, then leave.

3. Take time out in what one client delightfully called “The naughty loo” – go for a pee break where you can do the above re-set process or just relax and break the pressured state in your body. Breaking state is a powerful NLP concept that pulls you out of a kind of hypnosis back to the here and now.


decision makingIf you do not have emotional inner authority, you can read more about your kind of inner guidance here Intuitive Decision-making- what’s YOUR way and in my free Shine By Design guide – sign up on the right of the page.


Image of the earth: http://wallpaperswide.com/earth_and_moon_from_space-wallpapers.html



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