gentle-art-of-contemplation-gene-keys-human-design-i-ching-marian-millsWhen working with Human Design or Gene Keys concepts, it can be easy to be drawn into someone else’s explanation of what they mean. Or to think you know what it means.  This is OK but it isn’t the full picture. It’s just the beginning of what could turn into a beautiful relationship. Each word is like a door. Doors often tell you very little about the room on the other side!

Meeting a concept in this way is like meeting a person you’ve maybe seen from a distance, someone who is a regular in your local coffee shop. You known and recognize them by sight, and with that always comes a whole pile of assumptions and expectations – we’re human, that’s what we do! Fit the person into the box and stick a label on them – we feel safer that way and avoid sudden surprises. Just think how much more you get to know a person over time by sitting and talking, sharing experiences, sharing silence, being present with them. Remember how your expectations were either met or changed. Perhaps you put them in completely the wrong box to begin with.

I’m not suggesting that you can get to know a person completely. What you do get is YOUR experience of them. So it is with these concepts, words and ideas from the I’Ching, Gene Keys, Human Design.

When you listen to a piece of music that you have loved and has been part of your life in some deeply emotional way, how different does that feel compared with hearing a new song?

It’s not that you necessarily know all the words to the familiar one, or can sing along to it. It’s that you have intimacy with it which has come from time and experience. That song has accompanied your life and become part of its narrative. It can takes you back to memories and emotions. It can remind you of people you once knew who are no longer physically present in your life. It has power.

Contemplation of information means taking it into your life and living with it in the same way. This is where you get the real juice out of your reading or your exploration. Becoming intimate with a concept makes it part of your experience, brings it alive and opens up broader and deeper and lighter qualities.
harmonics-human-design-gene-keys-spectrum-of-consciousnessThe Gene Keys in particular offer information about the spectrum of consciousness for a particular aspect of yourself. The Shadow is the fear frequency, what you contract back into when triggered by some thought or encounter. Our Shadows often do confuse our mind and thus we are drawn into the vortex of them, to keep exploring, trying to make sense, in the belief that once we ‘know’ for certain, then we can be free, then we can have what we yearn for.

Contemplation is about holding the question lightly, with curiosity, like asking a musing question of the air – what does this concept of inadequacy (Gene Key 48) mean to me, how does it show in my life, in my behaviour, in others? Who is really resourceful? What do I feel like when I feel resourceful?
Then let it go but remain observant of what you read, how you interact with friends and family, what thoughts drop into your mind whilst you’re occupied with something else.
It’s like thinking of buying a new orange Fiat car, because you want a car that’s unique and you haven’t seen any of those cars on the streets around you. Then you start to notice a few on the streets, and before long you’ve seen them everywhere! So it is with any idea you give focus and attention to – not for ages, and not in an intense way, just lightly.
Some people like to write journals, create images, collage, paint, draw, sew – all these are gentle ways of asking yourself to reveal knowledge through your Self (the capital S indicates this is your wider, higher, broader, fullest aspect of You). You really do have everything you need and contemplation is about asking and receiving your own wisdom.

This gentle art of contemplation opens doors into intimacy that your mind alone cannot even conceive of and breathes your life into concepts. They open and reveal themselves and engage meaningfully in YOUR life.

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