I felt moved to write this because many writings talk about lessons when living a spiritual life. Whether or not we went to school, had some good or bad teachers, the idea of being taught a lesson didn’t seem to me to be a good fit with my ideas of spirituality in life. I came to appreciate how the lessons we are taught at school are different from the lessons that life brings to us.

gold starAt school, we are mostly set tasks to work through to arrive at an answer that someone else wants us to reach. In other words, the answer is already known by someone, and it’s how we get to that answer that counts. It’s someone else’s answer and there is a hanging potential for judgment and feelings of failure when it isn’t achieved, and we are awarded grades of pass or fail. An answer can be wrong in this context. If it’s right you may win a gold star or an A*. That’s within someone else’s control.


gold heartIn spiritual life, the answers are not yet known, it is down to us to create them. The process of getting to those answers still counts for a lot, but the answer has the potential power to raise the tide level of consciousness so that all ships in the harbour rise.  There are no wrong or right answers in the lessons of life; each takes us into new territory and from there we see whether or not it has validity beyond the moment. In many cases, for people who involve themselves in the spiritual search, those answers can be far reaching in their influence and long lived. You may win a gold heart! And the results and rewards are what you see in your life and how you share your love with others.

Unable to see what your spiritual lesson is about? Struggling with victim mentality?

Call me and we can discuss how I can help. I’ve been on my own crash course of intensive lessons for many years now and understand what it takes to empower yourself by taking action to end victim mentality thinking.

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