restoration work

This is a picture of the before and after restoration work was done on the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. I’m posting it here to illustrate how real beauty can be dulled and hidden, without being completely obscured.

So are you currently undergoing restoration to reveal your authentic and innate beauty? Unlike this painting, you are also dynamically creative. This makes it more important to remove distortions because anything you are holding in your vibration that isn’t truly in alignment with your authentic Self is also creating. This is why we can end up feeling frustrated in lives that don’t suit us.

To be able to love your Self, love your life and restore your innate creativity it is necessary to go through a process to clear away the things that have stuck to you that are not who you really are. Most often these are beliefs, limiting beliefs like “I am not good enough” that represent distortions of your true Self. It would be far easier to spot these false selves if they were completely different to your true Self, but they are all subtle or gross distortions and that’s why having someone else to guide you to see them for what they are can be so helpful.

If someone changed a small thing in your home every day, you probably wouldn’t notice it – not until the changes stacked up and created a bigger change that was more obvious. So your process of restoration, liberating your creative Self, is done by clearing out these distortions and coming back to your unique and original beauty.

A Human Design chart can map this out, showing where your energies are designed to flow and create, and also illuminating the potentials for distortion build up. Coupled with gentle guidance to locate and release the energy that holds those distorted beliefs in place, you can free up more energy to create your life instead of struggling to keep up with a life that is draining you and adding to your distortions.

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