projectors-and-invitations-human-design-marian-mills-your-pathWhen Projectors first discover the information about their Type, they often describe an inner recognition of something they have always known or sensed, and here it is confirmed in writing. It can feel like having permission to finally relax and let go of the pressure and struggle to act like a Generator. It is permission to stop doing something that has never felt comfortable or aligned – the ‘doing’ life. However, this feeling of relief is almost immediately followed by the mental worries about survival, and worth, especially if the Will centre is open. How will I live if I don’t behave like everybody else? How will I survive if I no longer work a 40 hour week? This makes the waiting part of the Strategy really difficult. The yearning for the magical Holy Grail of The Invitation presses on you to do something to make it happen. And why? Because it seems to offer a doorway back into the world of acting like a Generator – your comfort zone! Comfortable only because it is what you have known.

Yet you know, you feel, you sense that something different awaits. And your mind goes crazy about not knowing, not being able to find the answers to what you are meant to do. And that is because there is nothing to be done. Projectors are about seeing, and if they focus on doing they will miss what they could see.

The bitter pill to swallow, which paradoxically cures all bitterness, is that you are here to see, not to do.

Imagine what would happen if the coach of the top rugby team ran across the field and joined the scrum. From there, he cannot possibly see the pattern of the game, the way the players are using their strengths or where to substitute a stronger player to secure a strategic advantage. So this is the Projector’s role – to live on the sidelines of the ‘doing’ world without getting caught up in it. Let go of the seduction that an invitation to work will bring you anything that you really want. Work is something you can do, and may need to keep doing for a while as you adjust to your new perspective on who you are and your role in the game. But it isn’t what it is all about for you as a Projector.

As a brilliant Projector colleague said, it’s all about discovering your own bliss, and not about the Invitation. Learn to live as though you may never be invited by anyone, and there you will find your true life. Surrender to meeting life with your authority instead of your mind and conditioning that life is all about work – it isn’t. You are opening to a new potential which can only be discovered and revealed moment by moment. You are standing of the threshold of a newly discovered continent, machete in hand, creating your pathway through the jungle rather than walk in someone else’s path. This is your success.


Jungle painting
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