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This is what happens when you clear traumas - your roots can go deeper and the wind is no longer a threat. Life can come and go, in its endless cycles and peaks and troughs, and there is still something consistent within.When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind. ...

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Thanks to the stillness and peace and isolation so beloved by a Hermit such as I am, I've been able to be more present to deep upwellings of heartbreak, grief, guilt, inadequacy as they have arisen within me.

It's only because I've done so much work on being embodied safely that I can feel these as they begin to surface. I awoke with a deep terror, a memory of vast collective suffering, and my first instinctive thought was "NO". That was the No of denial, which is where we so often begin. When I was able to switch that around to a Yes - a Yes to life and all that is here now in the present, whether it comes from the past or the present situation doesn't matter - I felt my body quickly soften into tenderness, and then a deep bottomless ocean of love.

I don't use the word "compassion" as some people do, to mean "suffering with". In our communities, such as they are, there are always those who need to be lifted up, and those who can do the lifting, only to take turn and turn about the following day. Compassion as a tender acceptance that this person in their suffering is the person I was or will be enables me to hold and witness with loving kindness.

My role is often that of the "peace holder" or "re-connector" for people who have lost their connection with any sense of power or Divinity or loving grace. That may mean sitting in isolation, appearing to be doing nothing of any use to anyone, yet it is the pattern, the frequency of my being that holds those things in place in this part of the earth.

I received a clear message the other day that I am peace on earth. That doesn't mean I don't grieve, I don't feel, I don't struggle at times. But those times at the moment are brief and deep, like a channel for outpouring of collective memories. Then I settle back into the peace and grace. I hope that when I fall and despair, that someone else will be the beacon of peace and grace for me, as so many have been in the past.

What are you feeling called to be or to do in this extraordinary time?

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