Pluto Gate 3830/05/2015 Pluto has gone back to Gate 38: The Fighter where it will hang out until 3rd January 2016.

Do you have Gate 28 in your chart? If so, this connection with Gate 38 activated by Pluto gives you definition of your Spleen and Root centres via the Channel of Struggle: the energy and desire to fight for what is most meaningful in your life – a powerful Individual mutative energy that empowers (or not) by overcoming obstacles to find or create a sense of purpose.

The Root centre is the stress of change that arises out of fear or the vitalising drive for improvement and expansion. It is the power of adrenaline, when channeled purposefully, to create change – not any old change for the sake of it, but life and vitality-enhancing change. When change is feared or resisted, adrenaline accumulates in the body and creates an undercurrent of nervousness that drains vitality and suppresses joyful living.

The Spleen centre is the repository of historical values and patterns of behaviour, belief, laws, values, principles which underpin our health, well-being and survival. It is our most intuitive sense of survival in the NOW moment. It is the arbiter of what is to be included as a contribution to health and survival, or to be excluded either because it is a threat or a non-viable outdated concept that no longer supports life but restricts it.

Is your Gate 38 open? If so, Pluto will be bringing some aspects of transformation through obstacles which appear in your path. If correct for you, you can persevere to overcome them, discovering new aspects of yourself in the process. The key for you is which values and purpose are other people bringing to you that are worth fighting for? This is not a mental decision to make but one that your authority (inner or outer) will take you into, or not. Perhaps you will stand on the sidelines and watch the fight, whether it is the good fight or not,  going on in other people. So be prepared to observe some people in deep fear about change that is much needed if they are going to break out of unhealthy old patterns, especially in relationships.

“As you pour your heart, body and soul into a fulfilling fight, it ceases to be a struggle. Resistance is what occurs when you are pushing against the universal flow. Obstacles are natural to the rhythm of life and test your commitment and surrender, enabling you to forge new skills and hone your excellence. ” (Gene Key 38 Richard Rudd)
“Pluto’s energy may be subtle, but its results will hit you like a ton of bricks. This planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Things aren’t pretty with Pluto, but they do get done. Pluto says ‘out with the old and in with the new,’ ….. Pluto asks us to transcend that which we know, redeem ourselves in the process, and come out stronger as a result.” (

Pluto-transformation-Gate-38-Human-Design-gene-keys-marian-mills-Amanda-Sage-ArtThis kind of struggle, fight, perseverance is akin to the bird breaking its way out of the shell. If it is helped at this crucial stage, the young chick can die. We all go through stages of life when we are faced with a hurdle or obstacle; how we have failed or succeeded, learned to trust ourselves or learned to fear the consequences of success or failure can arise now in our fears or hopes at this time. And perhaps this is the most important fight we ever have, the fight to free ourselves from our own past so we can experience the freedom of living in aware and conscious response to our world.

If Pluto in Gate 54 (March to May 2015) showed you your potential step up (54 is the Gate of Ambition), it is now giving you the energy to fight for that vision of progress. You my have seen a new way to progress, either personally or in business or family affairs, but not quite been able to fully grasp it and integrate it into your life. These are long-term transformations, not quick fixes, when they come through Pluto. So settle back and allow Pluto to show you the steps and the hurdles to reach your desired outcome, and prepare to be surprised by what is revealed about you and what you are indeed capable of. The journey is the goal.

Here are some questions that may help you to work with this potent transformational energy in a healthy way:
Are you struggling or persevering? Sometimes giving up is the best option and discovering that what you are actually giving up is your resistance to change. Where is the natural flow of your life taking you and could it be better than what you currently have? Struggling may also indicate that you are pushing yourself too hard, perhaps to try to prove that you can white-knuckle this ride (if you have an open Will centre, note that proving yourself through being a tough fighter isn’t the way to go!). Being kind to yourself, particularly knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your own design, will make this transformation powerful and empowering rather than frightening and disempowering. When you are persevering you feel alive because of the quality of love permeating your actions.

How does your authority engage you with this potent energy? Any powerful energy, particularly in the Root centre when it is amplified by others around you, can overwhelm your sense of alignment and internal balance. To know how to channel this energy. rather than realising a few months later that it has bullied you and pushed you into fights that didn’t enhance your life in any way whatsoever, is to navigate your choices using your authority.When you align with natural flow, your fights feel less hair-raising and more delightful. This doesn’t have to be about “feel the fear and do it anyway“, especially if you have an open Spleen centre. For someone with an open Spleen centre, spontaneous action can just increase your nervousness and fear rather than enlivening you in a healthy way. Perhaps you need to organise support in your life so that the change you need to and want to make feels less like a leap over the grand canyon and more like going up a series of steps into a fabulous garden or park.

What can you observe happening in others around you? Even if this transformational energy isn’t something you are playing with right now because your personal authority has kept you on the sidelines, you will be able to see its effects in people around you. On the collective scale, this is the kind of energy that people who have great vision of a better future can rise up on and shine. Or in the Shadow fear frequencies, this energy could prevent transformation due to an inability to really hear anyone else’s point of view or allow others to influence them in a blind and stubborn belief in preserving the old status quo. Relationships where one or more parties feel unfulfilled might seem to spontaneously combust, the powerful energy of Gate 38 finally enabling the breaking down of the stasis held under great tension.

Are there times when it is harder to wait, with this strong pressure to transform sitting in your body? The pressure from the Root centre can make waiting for your response or an invitation or the completion of emotional or lunar cycles more uncomfortable especially if your Root centre is open. Even a defined Root centre can experience additional pressures from the long-term transit of Pluto activating Gate 38 (or Gate 54 Ambition which is where it has been sitting since March 2015). Perhaps learning to wait is what you are struggling or persevering with right now, and it’s only when your mind drifts off into the future that waiting feels so painful. What is there in your present moment, within you, around you? Is anything missing in this moment? Take a deep breath and settle into your body to connect with this restless energy and learn from it. Perhaps you are releasing some old patterns and learning to see in the spaces that once would have been occupied by busy-ness.


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