personal authority definitionDecisions, decisions! We are told our life today is our creation made in each of our moments of decision and choice. But are there any really bad choices? If you take an honest look back over your life, can you see where you had experiences that really didn’t seem to benefit you in any way whatsoever?  Perhaps you’re still going through similar experiences today, one of those Groundhog Day themes of your life, the same kinds of relationships, the same loss of nerve and buckling of will, a sense of falling at the last hurdle instead of breaking through to success.

The hard part to swallow sometimes is that we have something we need to learn from these lessons. But really, it can be quite simple: if you are making decisions correctly for you – from your personal authority – then whatever the final outcome of the experience, the benefit to you will be there. It will advance your life purpose in some way, whether you perceive that negatively or positively at the time.

secrets of personal authoritySo, yes, we can all make really bad decisions that seem to take us back in time instead of making progress; like continually choosing to do business with people who provide something that you felt your parents lacked; making choices from a feeling of lack within yourself, or a need to prove yourself in some way. The relationships from our formative years, by which I mean the first 7 years, create a very deep impression on us, like someone stamping a thumbprint right into our bones. These patterns set up our ways of viewing the world, as though we can only see through dark lenses, and we keep seeking the very things we decided, in our immature minds, that we were lacking. So many of our choices are driven out of this feeling of lack. “I don’t have what it takes to make it in the world on my own, so I’ll find someone with more power than me to become a business partner” or “I only feel secure when they’re around, so they must be a good person to hire”. Of course this extends into our personal lives as well as our business relationships, where we choose someone we think is the exact opposite of our mother/father, only to find out that, in some ways that weren’t obvious, they have just the same characteristics.

Trying to fill what we think are our own needs, strengthen what we perceive as our weaknesses, and make up for what we fear we lack is an extremely powerful unconscious motivation.

How can we break out of our unconscious patterns and make better choices?

Each of us has our own personal authority, a way of making decisions that accord with our values, keeping us in integrity. You may already know this and refer to it as your “gut” feeling. Actually there are different kinds of “gut” feeling or intuitive sense about which choices to make, and yours can be determined from your Human Design chart. For some people, it is imperative that they trust their first hunch, whilst for others, a process over time brings them clarity about which choice to make.

personal authority for creative decisionsWherever your personal authority is, it is not in your mind. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore your mind – it is a fabulous tool for evaluating and conceptualising, but it really knows nothing about what is correct for you. The less you use your mind for decision-making, the more freedom it has to come up with creative ideas and inspiration and to learn from observation. When we think we know something, we limit ourselves, limit our potential and limit our creativity.

Once you know what your personal authority is and how it functions, and you begin to use it in your daily life, you can watch as your world is transformed. Where you previously encountered damaging relationships and difficulties that couldn’t be surmounted, you can begin to discover the ease that comes with being in the flow of life. Meeting just the right person at the right time, discovering a solution for your present challenge, making the mistakes that enhance your wisdom – all these are the hallmarks of being in flow, in the zone, in alignment. It connects you to your expanded consciousness and deeper wisdom. It also protects you from other people’s opinions and they pressure they seek to put on you to be obedient or conform.

Nobody knows the truth of your life – you discover it through living.

Using your personal authority doesn’t guarantee that everything will work out perfectly as you see it in your mind; it can be even better and surprise you with elegant solutions that you could never have imagined being possible. Even when life appears to be dealing you a dud hand, your personal authority will ensure you reach the point of seeing those duds turn into golden eggs. Just as in the story, we really don’t know in the moment that something is happening, whether it is good or bad, but when we are following our personal authority in our decisions, we at least know we are having the experiences that further our purpose, from which we can grow and develop.

To learn more about your personal authority, you can go here to book your Human Design reading. You will be able to connect with the truth of who you are and discover how to turn your weaknesses into your greatest assets by making empowering decisions.

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