If you have an open Head centre or an open Root centre in your Human Design chart (get your free chart at the end of this post) then you are highly susceptible to the pressures that come from advertising and advertisements. You may think they are static pieces of card hanging around in the supermarket aisles, or just big pictures on a hoarding, but the effect on your body can be one of pressure. Under this pressure you may feel a deep driving need to take action and this is what the advertisers want.

The idea is that when you have taken said action you will be able to release the pressure and relax. But, funnily enough, that point is rarely reached, unless you meditate regularly. Without understanding the human design chart, the advertisers have detected people’s susceptibility to this form of coercion. It’s just one of many forms of pressure that bombard us daily. Without awareness or knowing what to do about it in a healthy and empowering way, you could even become quite ill.

Have you ever tried shopping in a farmer’s market instead of the supermarket? What did you notice? Maybe you bought less, or perhaps you took your time and enjoyed what you were looking at, or stopped to have a chat with a vendor. None of this happens in the supermarket, because the pressure is on to get you buying, moving through the aisled, picking up things you never realised you needed. Even the lighting and layout of these places is designed with the same function – buy more, buy it now, buy it quickly!

open head centre open root centreFortunately, through the Human Design chart, it’s possible to see whether you are particularly susceptible to these pressures. The Head Centre, the triangle right at the top, and the Root Centre, the square right at the bottom, will be shown in white indicating that this is where you are receptive to pressured energy.

The Head centre is where the pressure to resolve questions comes in – “Why, why, why? If only I could be certain then I would be able to rest and my mind can become quiet.”

The Root centre is the pressure to change and adapt and is linked to the adrenaline function in the body.”If I can just hurry up, press on and get this done quickly, then I will be able to rest and put my feet up for a bit.”

Both pressures come from energy entering your body from outside of you and seeking a way out again through action.

The big question is whether or not this pressure is healthy for you and can you make good decisions when feeling stressed, rushed, hurried or confused?

The empowering solution to the stress that arises and potentially damages your health is to use your strategy and authority to make your decisions. This is located in various other centres and a chart can show you which one is the one for you. A reading can then provide you with the details of how that functions and how to use it to allow pressure to just move through you or roll off like water off a duck’s back.

Some pressure can be good for you and even fun to ride on for a while – the key is that it can be used temporarily to help you get things done. Without the Root pressure, humans would still be neanderthals, and without the pressure to know and understand things, we wouldn’t have achieved so much knowledge in the fields of medicine, science, archaeology, and astronomy.

Whether or not you think that is a good thing, it is a fact of life, and learning to manage your stress levels, health and spending activities empowers you to live a responsible life and become free from the coercion and subtle persuasive powers of the advertisers.

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