Everyone and everything is helping me all of the time 


Talking out loud helps me to tune into my inner guidance. I  hear where the nuggets of gold emerge from the words, not in the actual words I’m speaking but in the frequency.

I do not set out to teach anyone anything. I only know my own life. And some of what I say might inspire you or open up a new perspective.

I’ve been playing in the metaphysical realms for 4 years with The Communion of Light as well as having regular conversations with my own helpers and tuning into my intuition and alignment.

This isn’t Law of Attraction, more like Improvised Creating, coming from a foundational belief that everything is my creation in partnership with Source or what I might refer to as the Universe of my Thoughts.

Fear and flow – how intentional creativity plays with fear and allows it to expand naturally and evolve consciously

Problems or Opportunities

Creativity flourishes when there is minimal resistance to what has already been created. It’s here for you now.

Against the sound of the breaking waves, thoughts on how we use the term “broke” and how this links to an idea of something being “broken”

Self Worth and Being Helpful.
What is self-worth based upon? Where does it come from? How does being helpful to others link with our sense of worthiness?

Energetic investing; like money, we create worth by investing our focus and attention on the things we like and wish to see more of.

Watching the Waves
How easy it is for young children to go from distraught to gleeful within 60 seconds! Why do we as adults make such heavy weather of our emotions?

Waves contd…
The ease of flow in the ups and downs of emotionality; the pain of resistance

Stories Old and New

Life is made from the stories we tell; anything can be changed

Going through the emotional waves, finding ease and grace in obstacles, expanding consciousness

A bit of a chat with myself about money worries – finding my truth amongst all the myths and legends

The morning after……..the 2017 August eclipse

Musings on finding the love within

Moving from I can’t to I AM