believe-in-your-dreams-they-are-your-life-calling-you-marian-mills-human-design-gene-keysI want to speak about the difference between initiating and manifesting.

Many newcomers to Human Design receive the information that they should not initiate in life, but would be better served by waiting to respond, or be clear, or for an invitation. They then start to question their life by looking for actions that are initiating, and attempt to stop themselves acting in this way, as though it were dangerous or bad. (My hand is up to this one!)

The Law of Attraction shows us that we are all master manifestors – not Manifestors as the Human Design Type. It is this manifesting through attraction and vibration that I am speaking about here. Whether you are a Projector, Generator or Reflector, waiting is part of the game of life.

In my experiment, I have discovered how initiating drops away naturally when the mental focus is on how to wait. Waiting has opened up my awareness to life flowing around me. It has given me a mindful quality that embraces my body senses. It has taken me away from the constant question “What am I going to do today?” and delivered me instead to the guiding thought “What will life bring for me today?”

Initiating has no patience, there is no quality of awareness within my field when my mental focus has gone off into the imagined future and abandoned the present moment of the body.

Manifesting is an alignment of my consciousness and my physicality. Mind and body are integrated and working in harmony with each other. Thoughts become a way of interpreting the body’s trajectory – my mind is aligned with the Magnetic monopole of my form and can use its physical awareness. Thoughts can put shape and form onto an essence emerging from the form.

Initiating says “I want and I’m going to control my world to get it”. It says “over there on the other side of the room is what I want. I’m not going to wait for it to come to me, I’m not going to wait for me to be in alignment with the having of it, I have no patience for the journey of discovery of whether or not this is what I really want and how I want it.” I think I want it and, being identified with the thinking alone, ignoring the entire matrix of the body, going after it in a linear and direct fashion which is informed only by my current level of consciousness.

Manifesting allows everything to happen in time knowing it is perfect if the desired object, person or outcome arrives at some point or not.

Merely the noticing of a desire can be sufficient sometimes. It is all about the expansion of consciousness that is possibly through the process. The process of refining and honing the desire is the trajectory, the life, not the arrival at the completion of the experience or the acquiring of the desired object. So often, the desire and the actualised experience are non-linear, and along the winding path reveal far more than was originally glimpsed in the desiring thought. This is how the journey raises consciousness so when I arrive at the so-called destination, it looks and feels quite different. There are similar characteristics, which is how I know it is my manifested destination, but because my consciousness or vibration has changed so much, it no longer holds the same quality of illumination. I have become the illumined one. The desire was the guiding light for my own illumination.

dreams-breadcrumb-trail-human-design-waiting-initiating-manifesting-projector-generator-marian-millsThe feelings interpreted into “I like” and “I don’t like” are themselves the trajectory, the navigation through life, choosing through my authority to move towards or away from people, situations, thoughts and beliefs. My body knows when it is ‘off course’ and I usually identify this through what I consider to be painful feelings. When I am believing something that is not an aspect of my truth, I feel pain and suffering. The thought or the belief can only be transmuted once it has become available through the feeling body. So it is revealed that even the painful thought isn’t really out of alignment but arises as an aspect of growth, of choice, through the mindful attention to the feelings within my body.

I have learned to trust my thoughts – all of them. When I acept them for what they are, listen to them and question them, without ignoring my physical and emotional feelings that accompany them, they are my teachers, my trajectory. I choose which ones I retain and which I discard, which ones offer me increased truth or love, and which ones do not. I have learned not to be afraid of them or judge them harshly. They can be my trail of breadcrumbs in the darkness of the forest of confusion and doubt.


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