human-design-is-not-a-recipe-book-gene-keys-marian-millsWhen I first started my journey with Human Design, I didn’t and, to be fair to me, couldn’t fully realise what it was I had got my hands on and my mind into.

I have had a tendency to jump into systems, learn the rules and follow them to the letter unquestioningly. I was never the kid creating trouble at school because I quickly learned what was expected from me, and did just that. So, looking back, it really was no surprise that this was another set of teachings to which I applied myself diligently, doing what I thought was expected of me. I literally took the ideas and made them into rules. The rules then consolidated into my principles. I was well and truly hooked.

It was actually through the Gene Keys that I realised how much I was giving away my power to a system. It’s one of the Shadow frequencies, which the Gene Keys author Richard Rudd explains are about how we will tend to behave when motivated by fear rather than inspired by love. This itself is a spectrum of consciousness, not an ‘either/or’.

spectrum-of-consciousness-emotional-vibration-scale-gene-keys-marian-milllsThe Gene Keys reveal that a particularly strong Shadow aspect of mine is that of I tend to be a sucker for external authorities. I am literally drawn towards systems that I can set up in authority over me. When in fear or feeling insecure, I go towards someone else’s system for a solution. This is the Shadow out of which the Gift of my individual and unique Style can emerge as I embody more love and empowerment.

So it struck me as being helpful to talk about how very easy it can be to turn guidance into rules.

Our deepest insecurities lead us to crave an instruction set, to be told what to do.

When life is going well and we feel on top of everything, nicely in control and moderately successful, we might think we’re independent. However, at the first whiff of conflict, stress, uncertainty, we can collapse back into all our insecurities. That’s often when we are at our most vulnerable to someone else’s ideas. Out of desperation to escape our painful situation, we will grasp at anything, especially if the person comes with a good reputation and exudes an air of certainty and success themselves, and take it in without a great deal of discernment.

When introduced to the concepts in a Human Design reading or Gene Keys, or indeed the Law of Attraction, I see a lot of people trying to narrow things down to an instruction set – or a program they can run automatically that will somehow magically steer them into an untroubled life.

IF I don’t initiate, don’t make promises, don’t speak unless invited etc.

THEN I will be loved, be happy, be fulfilled, be prosperous

ELSE I will struggle, be lonely, be dissatisfied, lack prosperity


Even though the main tenet of Human Design is to trust yourself for your guidance through life’s choices, it seductively offers what seem to be a rulebook on how to live your life.

Here are just a few examples commonly touted as ‘truths’:

  • Just follow your Strategy and Authority and life will turn out well, you will be happy and you will experience fulfilment……
  • If you have an open Will centre, you mustn’t make promises or commitments or try to prove yourself...”
  • If you have an open Sacral centre, you don’t have much energy and don’t know when enough is enough…..
  • If you have an open G centre you will never know your identity…….
  • People with an open Spleen centre should never be spontaneous……

Unfortunately, the way the information is often presented or discussed in social media has tended to emphasise this idea.

Words like “need to, should , must, ought, will never, will always” are indicators of a distortion, a fundamental lack of understanding.

Human Design and Gene Keys information is not an instruction set for ‘doing’ your living – or knowing what not to do.

ree-spirit-individual-nonconformist-unconstrained-human-design-gene-keys-marian-millsInstruction sets are perfect for recipes when you need to follow the instructions to get near to the appropriate results and avoid culinary disasters.

There is no recipe for your authentic life.

It is an invitation to experiment and discover a different, more alive way of living, revealing more and more of your essence in physical form.

A way of living that suggests you can discover the most precious answer to life’s most pressing question: “What’s my purpose?” (actually that’s really a different question deep underneath, but that’s the subject of another article).

What the information in a good reading offers you is a way to see how you could naturally behave when your conditioned and learned ways of being have been cleared or transformed.

Personally I find the Gene Keys information preferable and inspiring in this respect. The Shadow seems so often to be almost painfully accurate but it is through contemplation of all 3 levels of consciousness (Shadow, Gift and Siddhi) that we can come to a deeper revelation of our Truth. By opening a curiousity mindset, we can discover how wonderful and truly amazing we are different every day.

What emerges is that when you are living as your ‘becoming-more-authentic-aligned-conscious Self’, is that you naturally do not do the things that were seemingly laid down as instructions. Instead of “Thou shalt not” you live as “I easily choose to …..”.

When you have trust in your authority, inner or external, you will likely no longer behave in the ways that are indicated by these statements about your conditioned openness, or your Shadows.

A good reading can inspire you with new ideas about how you can live differently and what can potentially emerge from your life. The more attention and focus you put onto the “do nots” and what isn’t working, according to the instructions, the more you will get to live out those problems.

This is the invitation of a Human Design reading or the Gene Keys, to discover how to live in freedom from the messages and beliefs you have taken on as instructions from everyone everywhere.

It is only the intensity of your own dissatisfaction that has the capacity to jog your awareness out of the sleeping field of the maia” Gene Key 33

You can follow a system which enslaves your mind only to discover that it has also educated you in how to free yourself. The best teachers always hope for students who can outgrow the limitations of the teaching.

This is what the greatest teachings and teachers offer – a system that will show you how to find the answers yourself.” Richard Rudd

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