Healthy Business Growth TreeBuilding your own business is like growing a tree. You need to have a good balance between your root growth which is your personal development, and your canopy growth which is your business. There is a need for both inner and outer work especially if your business is an expression of your life purpose. Both the roots and the leaves nourish the tree in different ways. If your business doesn’t nourish you it will fail. When you get to a point where you have no time for personal growth, your roots are failing. Can you recognise these signs in your business?

Historically businesses have been about producing work based on the dependence on many people’s energy, people who have needed to sell their energy in order to earn money in order to survive.  They have taken direction from someone else who has had the power to envision something and access to the means of creating and building – the energy of hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Evolution is taking us down a different path now, one that is empowering for those who have energy with which to build and create the future. In Human Design terms these are the Generator Types, about 70% of the world population. Emancipation, empowerment and liberation for these creative powerful constructors is beginning.

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Healthy Business GrowthIncreasingly Generators are feeling discontent with that old paradigm of building someone else’s vision in exchange for a wage. If you are a Generator looking to build a business that fulfills your purpose, namely that it is something you are good at and love, find meaning in and feel is worthwhile, you are creating this new future. This kind of business can become an empowering self-development path as you learn how to exchange outer direction for inner guidance, someone else’s vision for the emergence of your own living purpose. Your purpose isn’t ‘out there’ to be discovered, like a treasure marked with an X on a map. It is inside you and can only emerge decision by decision, choice by choice. If you are making those according to your Type and Strategy, then your purpose and full potential will emerge.

Just as a tree conforms to the shape and height and flower and leaf type of its species, so you conform to your Type. Each  oak tree is unique and different and your design is what makes you different within your Type. Whatever energy potential you have can be revealed through the empowering decision-making tool of your Strategy and Authority.

If you are also building any kind of business that supports other people, then the quality of your own support, your root network is crucial. This communicates energetically through your marketing materials, web site, promotions, blog. For other people to come to you to discover how to empower themselves, they need to feel that you already embody what it is that they seek.

grow your business like a tree

Discover which area of your business most needs your attention now

Here’s a brief creative visualisation to tune in to your business tree and like a good and patient gardener, feel what is needed to maintain a good and healthy balance of root growth and canopy.

Healthy Business needs strong roots

Painting by erika pochybova-johnson

Take a few slow deep breaths, and close your eyes if that feels more comfortable.

Begin to imagine yourself in a forest. Notice how this feels. Is it dark and crowded? Is it light and spacious? Is it warm or cool? Just allow it to be what it is and accept what you are seeing and feeling as you connect more deeply to your internal gardener.

What do you notice about the trees?

Which is the tree to which you feel especially drawn?

What do you notice about it? How do you feel as you look at it?

Put your hand on it and ask to feel something about its state of health and vitality.

Feel the depth and breadth of its root system. Just observe and accept, also noticing how you feel within your body as you are making contact and connection with your tree.

Then take your awareness up into the trunk, following it up towards the sky. How do you feel?

Ask to be shown where your tree most needs your attention at this moment in time. Connect with your inner gardener who already has all the wisdom of the ages to know just how to nurture your tree. Whatever it may be, allow yourself to connect with that knowledge and sense of where your growth energy is.

Ask to be shown the quality of what is most needed now to keep your growth balanced and healthy, the inner root work feeding and supporting the outer canopy, and the outer nourishing and gathering energy for future growth.

What did you observe and feel? What do you know now that you didn’t earlier?

divider heartThis is also available as a 10 minute guided visualisation audio – click here to play or right-click to download.

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