Catch the WaveThe Wave I want to talk about is your own individual one. Your natural cycles of growth, expansion, retreat, consolidation. When you can time your actions to your innate natural cycles, you can experience increased ease, more result for your efforts, and deeper connection with your pathway through life.

The knowledge about when to sow seeds according to the moon cycles used to be common currency; nowadays it seems like it has been relegated to what are often regarded as specialist or ‘cranky’ organic permaculture fanatics. Agriculture on the industrial scale has scoured away awareness of many natural cycles, introducing heated polytunnels, oil-based fertiliser, automatic synthetic sunshine to name a few. Yet these cycles continue anyway and people who choose to regain awareness of them and inform their actions according to them can achieve the seemingly miraculous in terms of ease, growth and profit.

This isn’t meant to be a post about farming or even growing your own vegetables, admirable as that may be. This is about your personal growth process and how you can take advantage of nature’s cycles of growth and decay to boost your actions, make your energy go further and increase your effectiveness.

What does this involve? I want to introduce the concept of waiting.

This kind of waiting isn’t like queuing at the bank or for a bus, something we English are renowned for, forming orderly and endlessly patient queues! Waiting can be an alive and alert awareness of your inner world and your outer one. Many people meditate to achieve inner awareness, then let go of it once they open their eyes and go back to work, or back to their shopping. Waiting is the holding of this meditative alertness to everything around and within you every single moment of every day. It can also be known as mindfulness.

What happens when you begin to learn to wait in this way, just like learning to meditate, is that you become aware of how much of the time your mind is pushing you around, dictating what you should or ought to be doing. When these thoughts move you into action, you lose connection with your sense of ‘right action’.

“The basis of Right Action is to do everything in mindfulness.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

So learning to observe your thoughts, especially anything that comes with a sense of pressure behind it, or with the words ‘I should’ or ‘I ought’ is a useful first step. This pause to observe begins to break the automatic link between thought and action. This isn’t about pushing yourself against those thoughts, but discovering that you no longer need to act on them all. When you are observing in this way you can begin to see what happens when you go ahead and act anyway, bowing to the pressure. Does it work out well for you? Does it make you feel fulfilled? Maybe it does, then other times it doesn’t. So what’s the difference? There’s a lot of learning through observation at this stage and making mistakes is essential – you could call them experiments in mindfulness if that makes you feel better.

It can also be helpful to note your day to day observations in a diary, and this is where you can begin to see your own cycle emerging. Maybe every Wednesday you have an ‘off’ kind of day when nothing seems to go right. Perhaps you feel full of energy when the moon is at its fullest point. Maybe you always seem to feel ready to give up just before you get a breakthrough and insightful clarity about an issue. Do decisions work out best for you if you sleep on them?

Becoming the scientist investigating your own life helps you begin to identify the times when it’s prudent to not leap into an exciting new venture because you know that two days down the line you will be looking for the escape hatch! Or the times when you will experience your best ability to think clearly about some problem or opportunity. This is what I call ‘Catching the Wave’ – it’s your own wave, and when you can surf it expertly, you will find rewards in almost every aspect of your life. Every action you take will be amplified so you need to work less hard, use less effort and live with greater ease and joy. Times of retreat and consolidation will no longer create frustrating pressures because your mind is hammering at you to get out and do something; you will understand how these times are essential if you are to be able to ride the next wave and capitalise on its momentum.

“I’m at my most powerful when I am working with life rather than against it”.
Anita Moorjani author of Dying to be Me.

Waiting enables you to respond to what is coming into your life and align with your right action. When you live in the flow of right action, you are less inclined to judge or try to control other people’s actions too.

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