My first stitched Mandala

I've been deeply immersed in mandala art since starting a year long course in this ancient form with Julie Gibbons. It is rich and deep and is now forming a daily practice for me as I find I become grounded and centered. When I get a head so full of ideas I'm [...]

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Death and Creativity

Our creativity only extends as far as our willingness to be present; and the creative process constantly challenges us to become more present by discovering the edges where we are unwilling to open up into the unknown. I've noticed how my creativity ebbs and flows. I'm not one of those people who [...]

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Panning for the Gold in the Planetary Transits

Over-complicating decisions is something I see many people struggle with, especially when trying to use their authority to decide. A Sacral cannot answer "ahuh" or "uh-un" to something that is really several things all rolled into one. Neither can a G or Spleen, or a Will or Solar Plexus  indicate your truth when [...]

Pluto the planet of Transformation in the Gate of the Fighter

30/05/2015 Pluto has gone back to Gate 38: The Fighter where it will hang out until 3rd January 2016. Do you have Gate 28 in your chart? If so, this connection with Gate 38 activated by Pluto gives you definition of your Spleen and Root centres via the Channel of Struggle: the energy [...]

Projectors and Invitations

When Projectors first discover the information about their Type, they often describe an inner recognition of something they have always known or sensed, and here it is confirmed in writing. It can feel like having permission to finally relax and let go of the pressure and struggle to act like a Generator. It [...]

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The many faces of politics. Leadership Elections UK 2015

With the leadership contest in the UK hotting up, here's a very brief overview of who they really are according to their Human Design. Human Design is a profiling tool par excellence revealing in great depth and details someone's strengths, skills, abilities and potential challenges, weaknesses and their source of potential wisdom which [...]

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Initiating vs Manifesting

I want to speak about the difference between initiating and manifesting. Many newcomers to Human Design receive the information that they should not initiate in life, but would be better served by waiting to respond, or be clear, or for an invitation. They then start to question their life by looking for actions [...]

Using Your Internal GPS to Live Your Inner Purpose

If you keep doing the same thing and finding yourself at the same kind of destination which isn’t one you really want, then you are possibly ignoring a Road Ahead Closed sign somewhere. If you were driving and you encountered one of these signs, there would usually be a Diversion sign to follow [...]

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Human Design is not a recipe book

When I first started my journey with Human Design, I didn’t and, to be fair to me, couldn’t fully realise what it was I had got my hands on and my mind into. I have had a tendency to jump into systems, learn the rules and follow them to the letter unquestioningly. I [...]

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The Gentle Art of Contemplation

When working with Human Design or Gene Keys concepts, it can be easy to be drawn into someone else's explanation of what they mean. Or to think you know what it means.  This is OK but it isn't the full picture. It's just the beginning of what could turn into a beautiful relationship. [...]

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