This subject of ‘waiting’ is one that is well worth contemplating and experimenting with. Waiting to Respond is the life strategy for Generators; waiting for Invitations is the life strategy for Projectors, and waiting through the cycle of a lunar month is the life strategy for Reflectors. But what is this ‘waiting’ for and why is it beneficial to learn to wait?

In my own personal experiment I have found so many different ways to ‘wait’; waiting helplessly for something or someone else to act first; waiting in a state of apathy; waiting as a restriction on desire and impetus; waiting as a mind game; waiting as a deepening experience; waiting as stillness; waiting as awareness.

Here I have shared the thoughts of my highly esteemed teacher and ‘deep thinker’ on all things Human and Human Design, Genoa Bliven, head of Human Design America (

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In the Human Design System, waiting is a strategy.

It is an energetic approach to the world that an individual is free to use at their discretion and it changes their lives forever.

If you are one of the 3 waiting Types

[Generator, Projector, Reflector] , “to wait” means to attune to the energy of the Aura of your Type. In other words, your Body-Mind, or Aura orients to itself in the energy of waiting. The waiting is “to be centered within “the energy of the aura and to enjoy its frequency and gifts. In reality, this is the state of your true energy, before adaptive strategies, imposed by the mind, spoil the party.

In short the Strategy, in this case waiting, is a step toward cooperating with your own energy and orientation. That is the story about waiting, as it refers to the internal journey of the “passenger within”, as it makes peace with its vehicle [the body]

Externally, Strategy is a “causative factor”, which changes the circumstances of your life. If you are actually “doing waiting”, you have less time for initiating or volunteering to do things outside, things which may not be necessary and even perhaps, disruptive. Pursuing one’s energetic strategy shifts the energy of surrounding circumstances.

On the one hand, the Strategy forms a practice of reorientation towards one’s natural auric energy inside and on the other hand, it is an energetic factor that changes one’s relationship with others. Strategy always involves inner energetic attunement and outer causation. Strategy sets up the cosmic “If, then clause” for your life. “If you wait, then people will ask you for your strengths.” It is cause and effect and very simple.

Strategy is something that we do in the auric energy field. It is an action; something that one can do at any time. Connecting with and then following one’s strategy takes place in the active tense. I wish I could underline that. Waiting is not something passive. It is a volition and an action, which empowers you and sets up circumstances to work in your favor.

The word strategy was first defined by Aristotle: “The purpose of strategy is victory.” That’s pretty straightforward. It is a term taken from military action. In the military sense, strategy has to do with your position on the field of battle and “the where” and “the when” of your movements. The nature of your movements within a larger situation determine victory or defeat. In this sense, Strategy is something pre-eminently practical and empowering. Waiting causes things to happen in a new way.

For most people, exploring “the energy of waiting” is a radical shift in their behavior, since often people can be driven to initiate for conditioned reasons. The experience of waiting “consciously” is often a very profound experience, opening individuals up to new possibilities of freedom and decision making.

As an example, if your design “cares” about others and wants to nurture them through the channel 27-50, “Preservation, the design of a custodian” – the strategy can change circumstances and effectiveness radically. If this Generator offers their caring without being asked, it may, and often does go rogue and becomes a misunderstood or chaotic force. If they receive a request to care, then the situation is entirely different in several key ways. Their aura naturally cares and always will, but it finds application through the request. In this example, the need is for the response, because in the response, the person through their Sacral Center can tell whether they actually can care effectively within that situation. Without the request, the sacral center cannot give its deep body-mind to the connection or decide not to.

The strategy of waiting makes the aura available within circumstances for the request, an invitation, or a surprise. Said in another way, it is difficult to ask someone for something, if a person is already offering it to you. Waiting solves this dilemma.

Often the mind will short-circuit this process and offer assistance because it can see the need, but it does not know whether the caring will “fit into” the larger energy of the situation. The sacral center can see and know about this energetic fit and its fate.

The strategy of waiting is causative in the sense that it makes the request necessary. The waiting says “do not volunteer from the mind, or the intellectual perception of perceived need.” This shift of circumstances brought about by strategy is known as “The Great Turn Around” in my Human Design teaching. It revolutionizes the life.

In this sense, the Waiting is the reason the request occurs. Waiting is internal alignment and external opportunity realized. I often say, “When you really wait, the request, the invitation, or the surprise (of seeing people wake up) happen in the very same moment.

You have invited yourself, respected yourself and been enlightened by honoring that you are complete and valuable as you are.quote


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