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gene-keys-genekeys-richard-rudd-marian-mills-dnaThe Gene Keys by Richard Rudd are closely related to Human Design yet offer a different perspective. The idea that the I’Ching is linked to our DNA comes from Human Design and Ra Uru Hu, the originator of that system. The Gene Keys go further, developing and expanding the  64 hexagrams shown in the wheel or mandala.

Richard Rudd has shown how each Gene Key operates at three different levels of consciousness:

  • Fear gives rise to our Shadows;
  • Love gives us our Gifts and
  • Unconditional love, our Siddhis.

To know which codes of consciousness apply specifically to you, obtain a Human Design chart or a Gene Key Hologenetic Profile at

“The Gene Keys Golden Path is a program that sheds light on your deepest potential. By helping you to embrace your shadows and recognise your gifts, it guides you towards a simpler and more peaceful way of being. ” – Richard Rudd

gene-keys-golden-path-programThey show you how to discover your living genius and live your higher purpose sharing your genius with the world. Genius is what emerges when you are in alignment with yourself, with Source, with God, with the Universe

[pick your own term here for your sense of that which is greater than you]. It radiates from you and illuminates you in a way others cannot help but be touched by. You may already have experienced moments of such inspiration but not known how you could prolong them or even live in such a state consistently. Contemplating the Gene Keys, if you feel drawn to them, is a way of activating and enhancing certain codes within your DNA that are involved in the process called awakening or enlightenment. Simply put, they are the keys which can help you to unlock the higher purpose already present in your DNA, in every cell of your body.

“That is your higher purpose – to be radiant for no reason other than being alive.” – Richard Rudd

When coaching, I integrate the two systems of Human Design and the Gene Keys, drawing on the most pertinent aspects for your current situation.

Personally I have found the Gene Keys deeply inspiring and supportive of my own expansion. I regularly return to them for the guidance I am seeking in a difficult moment, or for clarity when I wish to connect with the higher feeling states that manifest my dreams.

It is not always easy to love ourselves completely, but when our fear-driven actions are seen as the seed for the Gift levels of our consciousness, resistance becomes less of a problem and more of an invitation to dive in deeper to find the love that is seeking to emerge. In a more curious and open-hearted state, I can embrace these shadow aspects instead of pushing them away, denying or rejecting them in shame. My shadows are like the nutrient rich soil in which the seed of my higher purpose and genius can grow and expand.

Just the other side of every fear is an expansion of love.

Fear feels uncomfortable because it is a restriction of truth.

“The process of unlocking your higher purpose is one of turning the authority of your mind over to your heart. This alone will transform your life.” – Richard Rudd

I encourage clients who feel drawn to the Gene Keys information to buy the book and use it for contemplation and self-study as well as being a source of rich material for exploration in our sessions.
Gene Keys Golden Path Programclick here to go to the Gene Keys Golden Path site. You can get Step 1 free as a taster of the material provided in the 33 steps of the Golden Path Program.




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