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The Human Design System opens the door to the potential of self-love. Self-love is also a greater love, a love for life and a love for others through understanding and non-resistance.

Self-love isn’t something you seek for; it is what has always been there. Living self-love is about allowing it in. It’s what is revealed when you are living according to the way you are designed. It is the essence of alignment. It is where your body and mind integrate and you feel alive, vibrant, free, aware, a conscious participant in the creation and observation of your life.

Live Your Design coaching supports you because this information is for living. I can help you to release old conditioned habits and to liberate your genius. You can emerge into the world fully as your authentic self, loving yourself and living your joy.

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Live Your Design Coaching – because understanding is just the beginning.

I primarily use two interrelated systems, Human Design and the Gene Keys:

mandala-chart-creditsYour Human Design chart can inform you who  you are by nature, where  your distractions tend to come from, what your strategy for living in alignment with your life is and how to make empowered choices from your whole being and not your mind.


gene-keys-golden-path-programYour Gene Keys profile can show you your individual pathway of growth, bringing awareness into your Shadows so that they can be transmuted into your Prime Gifts. The Venus Sequence offers a powerful journey of expansion to open your heart and unleashing your prosperity in the Pearl Sequence. Your innate Genius emerges from a foundation of stability in higher frequencies held within your DNA.


The knowledge is all very well, but how  do you go about putting these things into action in your day to day life, and especially with important and potentially life-changing decisions?

It is often those concepts that seem so simple that can also be the most difficult to actually put into action. Creating your own life in a fresh and alive way means letting go of so much ancestral, historical, fear-based conditioning. It also means contemplating the higher frequencies held within your body in a way that activates them in your life.  The deepest cause of suffering is not that you didn’t get the love you needed as a child, but that because of that experience, you separated from your essence. *

What I offer here is guidance for this journey of liberation and recovery of intimacy with your essence.

So if you would like to really get to grips with the keys to your personal power through your strategy and authority, and liberate your genius through your Prime Gifts, so you feel truly alive, vibrant and joyous, contact me. We can work out a way for you to feel supported as you begin to play with these radical concepts, and ensure you expand your awareness to tune in, stay on track and develop the skills required to live your design. Ultimately what the Human Design system and Gene Keys offers can only empower you when you live it.

It isn’t theory – it is the art of living your authentic life.


Why work with me?

human design navigation compassWhen you work with me you get the full focus of my ability as a Projector to see into and guide your energy in a deeply intimate respectful and expansive process.

My design is set up for leading you in a direction towards greater self love and the liberation of your genius. I can help you to discover yourself by offering new and sometimes radically different perspectives and inspirational ideas. By highlighting the thought patterns that hold you back, we can work together to create a more fulfilling ‘story’ for your past and your future. It’s not just your mind though; your body needs to adapt to hold new patterns that support your energy in a more loving and resilient way. Which physical techniques will benefit you most can be discovered from your charts. You cannot dismantle your mental defences and physical armouring until you connect with inner resources that support your life.

By working with your Human Design chart and your Gene Keys profile, I support you to embody the higher frequencies shifting you out of your fearful shadows and expressing your gifts. This is a journey I have devoted 8 years of my life to and 4 years of intensive study with the major Human Design schools so that I can guide you around some of the common pitfalls and misconceptions and towards your essence.

As you learn to trust yourself with your embodied feelings, the egoic mind must surrender its hold over your life.

There is a way to reconnect with your essence and it involves releasing everything you have ever learned or been told in order to hold the empty space in which you meet your Self.

Within a session I may use any of the following skills:

Human Design, Gene Keys, EFT (tapping), trauma resolution, somatic psychotherapy, creative visualisation, Law of Attraction, channeling.

I don’t offer fixed packages – it’s in my design to be very flexible with structures so I like to discuss what you need and create something together that suits your time, desire and budget.

Please note: I have no interest in persuading or manipulating you into taking expensive services you won’t benefit from and you don’t have to make any decisions during the call.
 book a 30 min session
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testimonial-for-Marian-Mills-Live-Your-Design-Mentoring-Coaching-Human-Design-by-Erika-Clegg-Spring-Design-Agency-aHere are some ideas from ways I’ve already helped to support people:

gold heart bulletChallenge Focus

  • focused mentoring sessions based on the insights from your Human Design chart
  • break through challenging patterns and establish your personal authority as a guiding force in your work and life.

gold heart bullet Career & Business

  • using your Strategy & Authority to make decisions about changing career or in your business
  • how to keep avoiding self-worth traps and external pressure when making decisions
  • stay on focus with your purpose

gold heart bulletLife Cycle Analysis & Guidance

  • Key Stages of Life Development
    • Saturn Return age 28-32
    • Uranus Opposition age 38-42
    • Kiron (Chiron) Return age 48-52
  • understand the role you are engaged with at this time of your life, the lessons it offers and the opportunities for greater well-being, satisfaction and success

gold heart bulletFamily Guidance

  • Appreciate the similarities and differences in ways of being and expressing through exploration of your Human Design charts
  • Learn ways  in which you can support and encourage your children’s inner authority for guidance
  • Discover better ways to handle conflicts, upsets and challenges to authority without having to compromise

gold heart bulletRelationship Guidance

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities in your relationship
  • Discover respectful and honouring ways to communicate
  • Learn how to bring the best of yourselves together



living-your-design-mentoring-guidance-marian-mills-hand-to-holdMentoring can give you the confidence to  overcome your conditioning  so that you don’t keep repeating the same patterns of dysfunctional behaviour and can get on with living your life more successfully and with greater satisfaction.

Our minds are powerful and shifting their fear-based messages requires some perseverance and, occasionally, a helping hand. Currently in my 8th year of the grand experiment of living my design I know what it can take to surrender to your inner guidance and innate nature. This isn’t always an easy task but I can say it is worthwhile. It’s what you have really been seeking and yearning for – your liberated genius.

The ultimate freedom is that of being a self-directed person, aligned and integrated with the flow of all life.

I think Joseph Campbell says it best:

People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances without own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

I am very happy to discuss your needs and work out a bespoke mentoring package. Contact me

Thank you for having the courage to be YOU.


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* “The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity, is there was not any love or support,” speaking of childhood.

The greater calamity, which was caused by that first calamity, is that you lost the connection to your essence. That is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not.

In other words, the greatest loss we endure is the loss of connection to ourselves, and that’s then when we experience a deep emptiness that we’re so afraid of.” Gabor Mate