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What is  the Human Design System and why do I use it?


human-design-chart-marian-mills-liberation-coaching-readingsSeveral years ago I was introduced to the Human Design system by a couple of friends. I was seeking something but wasn’t aware I was really seeking alignment with my Self. I had a Foundation Reading and felt inspired to study the system and experiment with the knowledge I had received. Since then I’ve studied with a range of teachers and  experimented with my own life.

Human Design is a deep and broad and detailed system. It shows you how to align with your Self – the greater You yearning for the freedom to live.

This information isn’t for your mind; it’s for living.

I work from your chart which is like the one in the image here. After years of training and personal experience and learning, I can read a detailed and accurate analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths, talents, skills and abilities.  This could be the person you really are but who has not yet fully emerged into the world.

I guide you to the experience of your intuitive decision-making. When you trust that guidance you liberate your natural genius from the fears that bind you to society’s rules.

“Your nature is what you can trust to guide you in your life” Ra Uru Hu

As a coach, this very detailed information enables me to guide you in ways that are completely in alignment with you are and are suited to your unique character. I can also read from your chart where your most persistent and difficult mental traps come from. Once you are aware of which thoughts are not your own, you can deal with them differently, or not at all, and they naturally cease having effect in your life.

Human Design gives you back your own authority to make decisions that are correct for you, rather than aiming to please or pacify someone else. Instead of providing you with a different set of rules to follow, it tells you that there are no rules. This is Liberation.

If you have been used to the idea that you have to plan your life, or that your world will collapse if you stop pushing to make things happen, it can take a long time to release those ideas and discover a new way of living in trust of yourself. This is why I have chosen to offer Foundation Readings as part of a supportive package of coaching and mentoring with a minimum of 3 sessions.

This is an experiment in living freedom.

You don’t have to know anything about the underlying system to use it in a very practical and real-world way. I am only interested in offering you tried, tested and practical ideas and concepts. My own life has been the proving ground of this system and by design, I am here to offer inspirational insights into a way of living your unique expression as love.

Every individual needs something different depending on your situation in life, readiness for change, willingness to experiment and engage with what I offer. Please schedule a free 30 minute Skype call or online meeting if you would like to discuss the kind of support you would like to receive.

Please note: I have no interest in persuading or manipulating you into taking expensive services you won’t benefit from and you don’t have to make any decisions during the call.
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I integrate information from Human Design, the Gene Keys and Integral Human Design

divider heartIf you are completely new to Human Design, start by accessing your free chart and my Shine By Design guidebook.

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To learn more about the ways I can share this information with you see the following links:

animated-human-design-chart-system-free-introduction-marian-millsNew Animated Explanation of the key concepts

An interesting and fun way to explore some of the concepts used in The Human Design System. Learn about Type, Strategy, Authority, Centres, Channels, Gates and Profiles and more in just 5 minutes.


Human Design Readings

There are several types of reading you can have, from the Foundation Reading as the starting point, to Life Cycle and Relationship readings. You can also give them as gifts.


Human Design Coaching & Mentoring

Having a reading is just the beginning of a life-enhancing experiment in living freedom. To help you get more out of your chart and into your life, I offer flexible coaching and mentoring programmes


The Human Design Chart Explained

Read about the Human Design chart and get the low down on what it can illuminate about your true identity, alignment and purpose.


The 4 Types

Learn about the 4 Types in Human Design – which one are you? What is your DNA frequency? Understanding the differences can help you to appreciate your friends and loved ones.

three-keys-type-strategy-authority-human-design-reading-system-chart-marian-millsThe 3 Keys: Type, Strategy and Authority

These 3 Keys are given as the first part of your experiment in living as your authentic Self. Read why they are so important and how they show you a way out of your mind.

intuitive-decision_making-human-design-strategy-authority-marian-millsIntuitive Decision-Making (How does yours work)?

Some decisions work out really well and others don’t – do you want to know why? Using your inner or external authority instead of relying on your mind’s programming is a key to becoming more intuitive and aligned in your decision-making


The Gene Keys

These Codes of Consciousness offer valuable insight into the possibilities and potentials hidden within your DNA. How can you liberate your Genius if you are fighting yourself? Learn to embrace your fears and see them as the seeds to higher Love.