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Human Design Readings can be delivered for various purposes. If you would like to chat about which one is right for you at this time, you can schedule a free 30 minute conversation here:
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Overview Reading £50

In 45 minutes I can answer your most pressing questions about your alignment in your life, your career or your relationships drawing from the information in your chart and point you to the most significant thing you can change now. [… read more]

foundation reading human design marian mills

Foundation Reading £187

3 hours. In this reading I can go into more detail about you, outlining how your personal characeristics, talents, and abilities are designed to work in harmony with your sensitivity and wisdom. You get to practise between sessions and feedback. [… read more]

shine by design human design reading marian mills

Shine By Design Reading £487

6 sessions of 45 minutes. This is a more detailed reading and coaching series of 6 sessions. This provides greater depth and insight into your design and practical ways for you to increase your alignment and realise your genius. [… read more]


Relationship Reading £157

3 hours in 2 sessions. Understanding the dynamics of your interactions with others can help to clear up misunderstandings, open up new practical solutions to those age-old problems and deepen your appreciation of your uniqueness and others’ differences. [… read more]


Solar Cycle Reading £95

This reading provides you with key information about the themes for your expansion in the current or forthcoming year. Opportunities and challenges, new beginnings and endings of old cycles. Understanding these themes and using this information alongside your Strategy and Authority can help you navigate key decisions and maintain a high level of awareness of your personal expansion and development. This reading makes a fabulous birthday present!


Life Cycle Readings £95

Each journey that a planet makes around the wheel activating all the gates in turn is called a cycle. Some of these gates form channels with your natal chart, and these indicate a significant opportunity for education. When the planet completes its cycle, there is a kind of wrapping up and summing up of what you’ve learned through those experiences, and the new cycle opens. These are often times of change in your life, especially the major life cycles of Saturn, Uranus and Kiron. Contact me to get the  exact date for these significant events in your life.