Are You Angry Enough to Stand Up for Yourself?

Anger and resentment have been showing up both within me and around me. This is power that is often misunderstood because we fear change. But allowing your anger can be like pushing off the side of a swimming pool, a powerful launch of desire. Anger shows up when something is happening that you don't like. The good news - you don't have to like it!! You can use this powerful dynamic energy to choose to stand up for yourself. This doesn't mean picking a fight, or punching someone else on the nose. It means respecting your needs and desires and to honour your feelings which [...]

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I’Ching Hexagram 59 – breaking down barriers to intimacy

Here are some of my thoughts from exploring the I'Ching Hexagram 59 Dispersion - The gate of sexuality; breaking down barriers to intimacy. Gene Key 59 Shadow: Dishonesty  Gift: Intimacy   Siddhi: Transparency WhT Human Design & GeneKeys is based on the concept that the hexagrams of the I'Ching are actually our own DNA. They are the story of our life experiences and potential for expanded consciousness. What I have long held as my personal theme in relationships is feeling rejected, alienated, an 'outsider' and 'black sheep'. As a child and into my mid life, I never felt I truly belonged to one [...]