I’Ching Hexagram 59 – breaking down barriers to intimacy

Here are some of my thoughts from exploring the I'Ching Hexagram 59 Dispersion - The gate of sexuality; breaking down barriers to intimacy. Gene Key 59 Shadow: Dishonesty  Gift: Intimacy   Siddhi: Transparency WhT http://www.covegallery.com/index.cfm?page=Gallery-Artists&artistid=20 Human Design & GeneKeys is based on the concept that the hexagrams of the I'Ching are actually our own DNA. They are the story of our life experiences and potential for expanded consciousness. What I have long held as my personal theme in relationships is feeling rejected, alienated, an 'outsider' and 'black sheep'. As a child and into my mid life, I never felt I truly belonged to one [...]

Reshare by Robin Rice: How To Get Angry Without Losing Your Enlightenment

NOTE: I wanted to share this as it's the best piece I've read about real genuine anger in a spiritual context. I've struggled with anger all my life through depression and illness, until I came to see it as useful, and learned ways to use it. There is a great creative power within anger. "Unfiltered anger" by Louis Dyer "Anger. It’s a bad thing, right? It’s low-brow for spiritual types. Better to “OMM” your way through, don’t you think? No. I don’t think. Anger is not primitive on the journey of enlightenment. Jesus overthrew the tables when he got angry at the moneychangers. [...]

Walking Through Life Backwards

If you ask most people to point to where they locate their future, they will point in front of themselves. Similarly, they see their past as located behind them. A few oddballs use left and right, but most have this view of facing into the future. We walk forwards to get to our destination, and where we were a few steps back is therefore always behind us, so it makes logical sense. This is embedded in our language; growth and development are seen as “moving forward” whereas we look back at past events. This has been studied and found to be almost universal across many [...]

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Spiritual Lessons

I felt moved to write this because many writings talk about lessons when living a spiritual life. Whether or not we went to school, had some good or bad teachers, the idea of being taught a lesson didn't seem to me to be a good fit with my ideas of spirituality in life. I came to appreciate how the lessons we are taught at school are different from the lessons that life brings to us. At school, we are mostly set tasks to work through to arrive at an answer that someone else wants us to reach. In other words, the answer is already known [...]

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Spiritual Bypassing in Parenting

It’s been one of those weeks at home, where every little comment seemed to spark an argument or conflict between my older son and me. After making the quick snappy off the cuff remark, I went away and wondered about my feelings trying to uncover what was going on between us at a deeper level. Why wasn’t I able to be the sympathetic listener that I know I can be? What was making me so defensive in my comments? What was the fuel that hung around us ready to be ignited by the smallest spark? Was it his problem or was it mine – or [...]

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