Complaining and Worrying Points to Integrity

I've always worried. Some of my first memories are of worries. And complaining became a daily practice. Then came chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Shame is fertile ground for anxiety. The trauma of your wholeness being violated in some way can create this kind of inner split. Judgment and criticism set up a division in your cells. Part of you feels wrong and to feel that, needs another part to keep finding things to tell you are wrong. This is the frozen trauma state; it has not been moved to resolution where the split energies can recombine into wholeness. There is a victim and an [...]

What Is Your Painful Relationship Showing You About Love?

"Relationships do not cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness already within you." ~ Eckhart Tolle Truth never creates pain. Pain is resistance. Relationships offer the opportunity for profound healing, but only when you - not you and your partner - but you alone take responsibility for your pain and unhappiness. So he cheated on you, he lied to you, she had an affair - does that mean it's all over? It's not all over until the fat lady sings! But who is this fat lady and what's her song? The 'fat lady' of this opera is the inner work of [...]

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I’Ching Hexagram 59 – breaking down barriers to intimacy

Here are some of my thoughts from exploring the I'Ching Hexagram 59 Dispersion - The gate of sexuality; breaking down barriers to intimacy. Gene Key 59 Shadow: Dishonesty  Gift: Intimacy   Siddhi: Transparency WhT Human Design & GeneKeys is based on the concept that the hexagrams of the I'Ching are actually our own DNA. They are the story of our life experiences and potential for expanded consciousness. What I have long held as my personal theme in relationships is feeling rejected, alienated, an 'outsider' and 'black sheep'. As a child and into my mid life, I never felt I truly belonged to one [...]

Know Yourself

When you know yourself, you can have a better relationship with yourself and therefore with everyone else in your life. It's about discovering how to love and accept yourself just the way you are. So you're not perfect, but whose idea of perfect is that really? Today relationships are even more important to our ability to achieve success in business. People buy from people only after a relationship has been created and built on. People need to buy from someone they trust, and if you do not know yourself, you give off vibes of being unauthentic which people sense.  I can see that this trend [...]

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The Gift within Feeling Resentment

photo by MozToo Feeling resentment has been a sticky trap for me and I've seen it keep people stuck by its allure of power in places of poverty, dis-ease and unhappiness. So when it got me in its grips again I was struggling with it like a fly caught in a spider's web. Although I was progressing quite nicely, feeling quite proud of my skills at turning around negativity, feelings of resentment caught me and stuck me fast. All the joy and pleasure in life disappeared in an instant, and I felt drained, tired, exhausted and without motivation to do anything that [...]

The Velcro Theory of Attachment

Sometimes it’s really hard to see what we’re attached to. Until it becomes glaringly obvious, usually in some uncomfortable way, through a confrontation or a situation that leaves us feeling an emotional wreck. When we can recover our equilibrium sufficiently to look at what really happened, it’s tempting to blame the other person or people. But we won't ever achieve inner peace and happiness if we attribute the source of our state of mind outside of ourselves. This is where true responsibility is called for, to recognise that we are the creators of our own suffering. Attachments can prevent us appreciating what we see around [...]

Spiritual Bypassing in Parenting

It’s been one of those weeks at home, where every little comment seemed to spark an argument or conflict between my older son and me. After making the quick snappy off the cuff remark, I went away and wondered about my feelings trying to uncover what was going on between us at a deeper level. Why wasn’t I able to be the sympathetic listener that I know I can be? What was making me so defensive in my comments? What was the fuel that hung around us ready to be ignited by the smallest spark? Was it his problem or was it mine – or [...]

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Why Being Seen is so Important

I recently heard someone speaking about a drama workshop with masks which showed clearly that we easily and quickly take on a persona according to the reactions we perceive from people around us. In this sense we can become like a chameleon, constantly adapting to our environment so as to fit in, camouflaged. There are many reasons we do this – safety, security, belonging. Unfortunately, by doing this, we can lose touch with who really is behind the mask. This is our true creative Self. Some of our creative adaptations become too entrenched over time. In the film Avatar, the Na’vi  had a form of [...]