Complaining and Worrying Points to Integrity

I've always worried. Some of my first memories are of worries. And complaining became a daily practice. Then came chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Shame is fertile ground for anxiety. The trauma of your wholeness being violated in some way can create this kind of inner split. Judgment and criticism set up a division in your cells. Part of you feels wrong and to feel that, needs another part to keep finding things to tell you are wrong. This is the frozen trauma state; it has not been moved to resolution where the split energies can recombine into wholeness. There is a victim and an [...]

Your wild natural genius

You are a genius. Everyone is. You are pure and you are messy. You are wild and you are tame. You are everything. Your family and loved ones provide contrast, tell you that you are unloveable, separate, alone, weak, wrong, too intense, too soft, too meek, too strong. This pain stimulates you to reach for what you dream, and discover it is not in them, not in anyone else. It never was for them to give it to you, because it is within you. There is great tragedy and loss and grief in this discovery. Why didn't you look there sooner? It's time to step [...]

What Is Your Painful Relationship Showing You About Love?

"Relationships do not cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness already within you." ~ Eckhart Tolle Truth never creates pain. Pain is resistance. Relationships offer the opportunity for profound healing, but only when you - not you and your partner - but you alone take responsibility for your pain and unhappiness. So he cheated on you, he lied to you, she had an affair - does that mean it's all over? It's not all over until the fat lady sings! But who is this fat lady and what's her song? The 'fat lady' of this opera is the inner work of [...]

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I’Ching Hexagram 59 – breaking down barriers to intimacy

Here are some of my thoughts from exploring the I'Ching Hexagram 59 Dispersion - The gate of sexuality; breaking down barriers to intimacy. Gene Key 59 Shadow: Dishonesty  Gift: Intimacy   Siddhi: Transparency WhT Human Design & GeneKeys is based on the concept that the hexagrams of the I'Ching are actually our own DNA. They are the story of our life experiences and potential for expanded consciousness. What I have long held as my personal theme in relationships is feeling rejected, alienated, an 'outsider' and 'black sheep'. As a child and into my mid life, I never felt I truly belonged to one [...]

Re-emergence & Kiron Return

Image from It's been a few months since I last wrote anything in my blog. From having a lot to say I found myself quite suddenly and unexpectedly silenced. My Human Design reveals that is is a part of my nature to withdraw into privacy and retreat when I have some deep emotional experience to process, reflect on and distil. This has been an especially intense time as it has been my Kiron (or Chiron) return. All of us have this time that is the marking of the end of our cycle of experience created out of our deepest wounding, and moving [...]

Reshare by Robin Rice: How To Get Angry Without Losing Your Enlightenment

NOTE: I wanted to share this as it's the best piece I've read about real genuine anger in a spiritual context. I've struggled with anger all my life through depression and illness, until I came to see it as useful, and learned ways to use it. There is a great creative power within anger. "Unfiltered anger" by Louis Dyer "Anger. It’s a bad thing, right? It’s low-brow for spiritual types. Better to “OMM” your way through, don’t you think? No. I don’t think. Anger is not primitive on the journey of enlightenment. Jesus overthrew the tables when he got angry at the moneychangers. [...]

Life Purpose

Speak not to the acorn about the magnificent tree it can be, But show it how rooted you are in the richness of the earth. Show it your branches spread out under the shifting skies, The rain driving through as your leaves tremble and fall. Show it your sap rising inside, your expanding joy and vitality, The energy and solidity of your trunk even as the wind bends you. Show it your bright green jewelled buds called out by the warmth of spring sun. Show it your compassion, your wisdom from a thousand storms, a thousand springs, A thousand winters borne. And know the freedom, [...]

Emotional Healing of Conditioning

A Human Design reading can be a catalytic experience for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the Three Keys is for you to make choices that bring you closer to your true and authentic Self and heal your emotional conditioning from childhood. How we get conditioned Every day we make decisions, often hundreds of them, based on who we think we need to please in order to protect ourselves from failure, shame and humiliation. This shows up in our lives as the pursuit of perfectionism/never feeling good enough, procrastination and over-committing ourselves. It is a form of personal abuse and does harm us [...]

Healthy Business Growth to Fulfill your Purpose

Building your own business is like growing a tree. You need to have a good balance between your root growth which is your personal development, and your canopy growth which is your business. There is a need for both inner and outer work especially if your business is an expression of your life purpose. Both the roots and the leaves nourish the tree in different ways. If your business doesn’t nourish you it will fail. When you get to a point where you have no time for personal growth, your roots are failing. Can you recognise these signs in your business? Historically businesses have been [...]

Intuitive Decision-making – what’s YOUR way?

There is a lot of interest and research into the role of intuitive decision-making and problem-solving techniques for businesses. In the western world we have learned to subjugate our intuition to our ability to rationalize, weigh up the pros and cons, think things through before acting by using strategic decision making techniques. This has led us further into making choices from our conscious mind. In doing so, we have lost touch with a fundamental aspect of our decision making process which is our ability to unconsciously rapidly sum up a situation. We are extremely well equipped to swiftly recognise patterns - by swift I'm talking [...]