Pluto the planet of Transformation in the Gate of the Fighter

30/05/2015 Pluto has gone back to Gate 38: The Fighter where it will hang out until 3rd January 2016. Do you have Gate 28 in your chart? If so, this connection with Gate 38 activated by Pluto gives you definition of your Spleen and Root centres via the Channel of Struggle: the energy and desire to fight for what is most meaningful in your life - a powerful Individual mutative energy that empowers (or not) by overcoming obstacles to find or create a sense of purpose. The Root centre is the stress of change that arises out of fear or the vitalising drive for improvement [...]

Projectors and Invitations

When Projectors first discover the information about their Type, they often describe an inner recognition of something they have always known or sensed, and here it is confirmed in writing. It can feel like having permission to finally relax and let go of the pressure and struggle to act like a Generator. It is permission to stop doing something that has never felt comfortable or aligned – the ‘doing’ life. However, this feeling of relief is almost immediately followed by the mental worries about survival, and worth, especially if the Will centre is open. How will I live if I don’t behave like everybody else? [...]

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Initiating vs Manifesting

I want to speak about the difference between initiating and manifesting. Many newcomers to Human Design receive the information that they should not initiate in life, but would be better served by waiting to respond, or be clear, or for an invitation. They then start to question their life by looking for actions that are initiating, and attempt to stop themselves acting in this way, as though it were dangerous or bad. (My hand is up to this one!) The Law of Attraction shows us that we are all master manifestors - not Manifestors as the Human Design Type. It is this manifesting through attraction [...]

Human Design is not a recipe book

When I first started my journey with Human Design, I didn’t and, to be fair to me, couldn’t fully realise what it was I had got my hands on and my mind into. I have had a tendency to jump into systems, learn the rules and follow them to the letter unquestioningly. I was never the kid creating trouble at school because I quickly learned what was expected from me, and did just that. So, looking back, it really was no surprise that this was another set of teachings to which I applied myself diligently, doing what I thought was expected of me. I literally [...]

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Your wild natural genius

You are a genius. Everyone is. You are pure and you are messy. You are wild and you are tame. You are everything. Your family and loved ones provide contrast, tell you that you are unloveable, separate, alone, weak, wrong, too intense, too soft, too meek, too strong. This pain stimulates you to reach for what you dream, and discover it is not in them, not in anyone else. It never was for them to give it to you, because it is within you. There is great tragedy and loss and grief in this discovery. Why didn't you look there sooner? It's time to step [...]

Trying To Fit In Got Me Into Debt!

by Sara J Sanderson The Heartist Movement (inspired by my Human Design reading with Marian Mills) It is so freakin hard not to compare myself to others when I see others creating things I feel I should be able to do, or when others are able to articulate amazing useful tips and ideas and share them openly, yet I only currently feel comfortable sharing advice, tips and techniques one-to-one. When I look deeper at why I want the same things for myself that I see in others, I actually find I want them mainly so I can fit in and be just like every other [...]

Life Purpose

Speak not to the acorn about the magnificent tree it can be, But show it how rooted you are in the richness of the earth. Show it your branches spread out under the shifting skies, The rain driving through as your leaves tremble and fall. Show it your sap rising inside, your expanding joy and vitality, The energy and solidity of your trunk even as the wind bends you. Show it your bright green jewelled buds called out by the warmth of spring sun. Show it your compassion, your wisdom from a thousand storms, a thousand springs, A thousand winters borne. And know the freedom, [...]

Healthy Business Growth to Fulfill your Purpose

Building your own business is like growing a tree. You need to have a good balance between your root growth which is your personal development, and your canopy growth which is your business. There is a need for both inner and outer work especially if your business is an expression of your life purpose. Both the roots and the leaves nourish the tree in different ways. If your business doesn’t nourish you it will fail. When you get to a point where you have no time for personal growth, your roots are failing. Can you recognise these signs in your business? Historically businesses have been [...]