Emotional Healing of Conditioning

A Human Design reading can be a catalytic experience for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the Three Keys is for you to make choices that bring you closer to your true and authentic Self and heal your emotional conditioning from childhood. How we get conditioned Every day we make decisions, often hundreds of them, based on who we think we need to please in order to protect ourselves from failure, shame and humiliation. This shows up in our lives as the pursuit of perfectionism/never feeling good enough, procrastination and over-committing ourselves. It is a form of personal abuse and does harm us [...]

Walking Through Life Backwards

If you ask most people to point to where they locate their future, they will point in front of themselves. Similarly, they see their past as located behind them. A few oddballs use left and right, but most have this view of facing into the future. We walk forwards to get to our destination, and where we were a few steps back is therefore always behind us, so it makes logical sense. This is embedded in our language; growth and development are seen as “moving forward” whereas we look back at past events. This has been studied and found to be almost universal across many [...]

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Intuitive Decision-making – what’s YOUR way?

There is a lot of interest and research into the role of intuitive decision-making and problem-solving techniques for businesses. In the western world we have learned to subjugate our intuition to our ability to rationalize, weigh up the pros and cons, think things through before acting by using strategic decision making techniques. This has led us further into making choices from our conscious mind. In doing so, we have lost touch with a fundamental aspect of our decision making process which is our ability to unconsciously rapidly sum up a situation. We are extremely well equipped to swiftly recognise patterns - by swift I'm talking [...]

Human Design System – Types

There are 4 Types in the Human Design System. Which one are you? Each Type has a Strategy for making empowered decisions that are in alignment with your design. This strategy draws you away from using your mind to decide what you're going to do and focuses you on becoming aware of what is happening around you and within you. How is your body responding to people? How are you feeling in different situations? What are the subtle signals that something is not good for you that you have become so used to ignoring? Where does your mind take over to make decisions based on [...]

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Human Design Chart Free Explanation

Tree of Life and Human Design Chart View my new animated explanations of the core Human Design concepts I work with click here In a Human Design reading we will be working from your bodygraph or chart. This is a schematic diagram of your energy centres (like chakras) and their various interconnections based on the Kabbalah (Tree of Life). This is generated from your date of birth and produces two separate maps of the planetary stations, one from 88 days before your birth which is shown in red, and one from the actual date of your birth, shown in black. Each planetary position [...]

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Sir Tim Smit – A Human Design Overview

Having recently attended an inspirational business seminar hosted by Rachel Elnaugh at which Sir Tim Smit , the inspiration behind the fabulous Eden Project in Cornwall, spoke and totally wowed the entire audience (including me), I decided to write up a short thumbnail sketch of him from what I can discover through his Human Design chart. (Although I don't have an accurate time of birth, most of the information represented here stays constant throughout the 24 hours of the day of his birth). This is intended to serve as an illustration of how the Human Design chart accurately reveals a person's character and potential skills [...]

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