The many faces of politics. Leadership Elections UK 2015

With the leadership contest in the UK hotting up, here's a very brief overview of who they really are according to their Human Design. Human Design is a profiling tool par excellence revealing in great depth and details someone's strengths, skills, abilities and potential challenges, weaknesses and their source of potential wisdom which comes out of the experiences they meet in life.   Ed Miliband – Generator 5/1 Heretic (Leader)/Investigator Ed is designed to respond with emotional clarity to opportunities to bring higher principles in which he has a firm foundation and deep conviction to the inspired leadership of people towards better ways of ensuring [...]

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What Is the Waiting part of my Strategy?

What is Waiting?   When you encounter Human Design, you immediately come across the concept of waiting as part of your Strategy. Generators are told to Wait to respond. Emotional Generators are told to Wait for clarity. Projectors are told to Wait for invitation. Reflectors are told to Wait for lunar cycles. Manifestors are told to Inform before initiating and impacting. (waiting is implicit in that they do not initiate all the time) In an action-focused society, we are led from our minds, so this waiting can be difficult to comprehend. How can you wait when the dinner needs to be cooked, the children want attention, [...]

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Healing the world through choices for Freedom, Peace and Respect

Do you realise the power of your choices for creating your world? Whether you live in a world of freedom, peace and respect comes down to the choices you have made. There is such tremendous power in truth and aligned decisions. Each choice you make takes you closer to freedom, peace and respect or into pain and suffering. And everything you create ripples out into your family, community and the wider collective. There is a place within you where aligned decisions are made. You can usually tune into it as a feeling, and Law of Attraction teachings speak about following the feeling that feels better. [...]

Open Head Centre? Open Root Centre? How to get free from the pressure of advertising.

If you have an open Head centre or an open Root centre in your Human Design chart (get your free chart at the end of this post) then you are highly susceptible to the pressures that come from advertising and advertisements. You may think they are static pieces of card hanging around in the supermarket aisles, or just big pictures on a hoarding, but the effect on your body can be one of pressure. Under this pressure you may feel a deep driving need to take action and this is what the advertisers want. The idea is that when you have taken said action you [...]

Human Design Chart Free Explanation

Tree of Life and Human Design Chart View my new animated explanations of the core Human Design concepts I work with click here In a Human Design reading we will be working from your bodygraph or chart. This is a schematic diagram of your energy centres (like chakras) and their various interconnections based on the Kabbalah (Tree of Life). This is generated from your date of birth and produces two separate maps of the planetary stations, one from 88 days before your birth which is shown in red, and one from the actual date of your birth, shown in black. Each planetary position [...]

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Sir Tim Smit – A Human Design Overview

Having recently attended an inspirational business seminar hosted by Rachel Elnaugh at which Sir Tim Smit , the inspiration behind the fabulous Eden Project in Cornwall, spoke and totally wowed the entire audience (including me), I decided to write up a short thumbnail sketch of him from what I can discover through his Human Design chart. (Although I don't have an accurate time of birth, most of the information represented here stays constant throughout the 24 hours of the day of his birth). This is intended to serve as an illustration of how the Human Design chart accurately reveals a person's character and potential skills [...]

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