Complaining and Worrying Points to Integrity

I've always worried. Some of my first memories are of worries. And complaining became a daily practice. Then came chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Shame is fertile ground for anxiety. The trauma of your wholeness being violated in some way can create this kind of inner split. Judgment and criticism set up a division in your cells. Part of you feels wrong and to feel that, needs another part to keep finding things to tell you are wrong. This is the frozen trauma state; it has not been moved to resolution where the split energies can recombine into wholeness. There is a victim and an [...]

What Is Your Painful Relationship Showing You About Love?

"Relationships do not cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness already within you." ~ Eckhart Tolle Truth never creates pain. Pain is resistance. Relationships offer the opportunity for profound healing, but only when you - not you and your partner - but you alone take responsibility for your pain and unhappiness. So he cheated on you, he lied to you, she had an affair - does that mean it's all over? It's not all over until the fat lady sings! But who is this fat lady and what's her song? The 'fat lady' of this opera is the inner work of [...]

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Emotional Healing of Conditioning

A Human Design reading can be a catalytic experience for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the Three Keys is for you to make choices that bring you closer to your true and authentic Self and heal your emotional conditioning from childhood. How we get conditioned Every day we make decisions, often hundreds of them, based on who we think we need to please in order to protect ourselves from failure, shame and humiliation. This shows up in our lives as the pursuit of perfectionism/never feeling good enough, procrastination and over-committing ourselves. It is a form of personal abuse and does harm us [...]

Healing the world through choices for Freedom, Peace and Respect

Do you realise the power of your choices for creating your world? Whether you live in a world of freedom, peace and respect comes down to the choices you have made. There is such tremendous power in truth and aligned decisions. Each choice you make takes you closer to freedom, peace and respect or into pain and suffering. And everything you create ripples out into your family, community and the wider collective. There is a place within you where aligned decisions are made. You can usually tune into it as a feeling, and Law of Attraction teachings speak about following the feeling that feels better. [...]

Open Head Centre? Open Root Centre? How to get free from the pressure of advertising.

If you have an open Head centre or an open Root centre in your Human Design chart (get your free chart at the end of this post) then you are highly susceptible to the pressures that come from advertising and advertisements. You may think they are static pieces of card hanging around in the supermarket aisles, or just big pictures on a hoarding, but the effect on your body can be one of pressure. Under this pressure you may feel a deep driving need to take action and this is what the advertisers want. The idea is that when you have taken said action you [...]

The Gift within Feeling Resentment

photo by MozToo Feeling resentment has been a sticky trap for me and I've seen it keep people stuck by its allure of power in places of poverty, dis-ease and unhappiness. So when it got me in its grips again I was struggling with it like a fly caught in a spider's web. Although I was progressing quite nicely, feeling quite proud of my skills at turning around negativity, feelings of resentment caught me and stuck me fast. All the joy and pleasure in life disappeared in an instant, and I felt drained, tired, exhausted and without motivation to do anything that [...]

The Speed Paradox – managing stress and pressure

I've had occasion to remember The Speed Paradox again recently which basically says that going too fast can get you stuck and result in no movement at all. I was on a real healing roll, digging down deep and releasing limiting beliefs like they were leaves coming off autumn trees in a gale, then the brakes went on fast! The indigenous nomadic tribes knew this one well, having to travel with sick, elderly or very young members; they could only move ahead as fast as the slowest member of the tribe was willing and able to travel. If they went too fast they would inevitably [...]

Do you have a Groundhog Day Theme going on in your life?

It's been my experience that we do all have at least one Groundhog Day theme that keeps cycling around throughout our lives. Something that just seems to keep coming back no matter how much you feel you've dealt with it, done with it, just so bored with it! Perhaps each time it revisits you, you dig a little deeper and uncover and heal more of your pain around the issue, or maybe you've given up trying to fix it at all. Whichever way you greet it, can you look back and see it strung out like a row of lights back into your past? The [...]

Catching the Wave

The Wave I want to talk about is your own individual one. Your natural cycles of growth, expansion, retreat, consolidation. When you can time your actions to your innate natural cycles, you can experience increased ease, more result for your efforts, and deeper connection with your pathway through life. The knowledge about when to sow seeds according to the moon cycles used to be common currency; nowadays it seems like it has been relegated to what are often regarded as specialist or 'cranky' organic permaculture fanatics. Agriculture on the industrial scale has scoured away awareness of many natural cycles, introducing heated polytunnels, oil-based fertiliser, automatic [...]

Easing Through the Phases of Resolution

I've just spend a few weeks dealing with a health challenge that brought back to me all sorts of negative thinking patterns I thought that I'd dumped for good. Well, that's one belief to let go of for a start, that anything needs to be gone for ever, because whenever it cycles around again, it brings up so many judgments about the fact that it's still here. "Oh no, I thought I'd done everything there was to do on this one - I must have failed in some way" is the way my thinking tends to go. So I've observed my process and would like [...]