Pluto the planet of Transformation in the Gate of the Fighter

30/05/2015 Pluto has gone back to Gate 38: The Fighter where it will hang out until 3rd January 2016. Do you have Gate 28 in your chart? If so, this connection with Gate 38 activated by Pluto gives you definition of your Spleen and Root centres via the Channel of Struggle: the energy and desire to fight for what is most meaningful in your life - a powerful Individual mutative energy that empowers (or not) by overcoming obstacles to find or create a sense of purpose. The Root centre is the stress of change that arises out of fear or the vitalising drive for improvement [...]

Human Design is not a recipe book

When I first started my journey with Human Design, I didn’t and, to be fair to me, couldn’t fully realise what it was I had got my hands on and my mind into. I have had a tendency to jump into systems, learn the rules and follow them to the letter unquestioningly. I was never the kid creating trouble at school because I quickly learned what was expected from me, and did just that. So, looking back, it really was no surprise that this was another set of teachings to which I applied myself diligently, doing what I thought was expected of me. I literally [...]

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The Gentle Art of Contemplation

When working with Human Design or Gene Keys concepts, it can be easy to be drawn into someone else's explanation of what they mean. Or to think you know what it means.  This is OK but it isn't the full picture. It's just the beginning of what could turn into a beautiful relationship. Each word is like a door. Doors often tell you very little about the room on the other side! Meeting a concept in this way is like meeting a person you've maybe seen from a distance, someone who is a regular in your local coffee shop. You known and recognize them by [...]

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Complaining and Worrying Points to Integrity

I've always worried. Some of my first memories are of worries. And complaining became a daily practice. Then came chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Shame is fertile ground for anxiety. The trauma of your wholeness being violated in some way can create this kind of inner split. Judgment and criticism set up a division in your cells. Part of you feels wrong and to feel that, needs another part to keep finding things to tell you are wrong. This is the frozen trauma state; it has not been moved to resolution where the split energies can recombine into wholeness. There is a victim and an [...]